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REVE Chat is a multi-channel cloud based live chat software plugin that provides real time assistance to your website visitors for better customer support, service and boost sales conversions. Businesses can instantly engage with their customers across various channels such as Website live chat, Voice/ Video Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Mobile apps (Android, iOS) using a single platform.

REVE Chat WP live chat plugin for WordPress also has advanced features such as Screen sharing and co-browsing, Department Management, Auto Triggers, and Visitor Analytics, Queuing, fully customizable chat banner and more to personalize every customer interaction across multiple channels.

Live Chat Key Features-
Voice/ Video Chat: With live chat for WordPress, Business can Talk to your customers using voice/ video chat plubin right inside your web or mobile apps with click to call solution.

Co-browsing: Using live chat and WordPress together, Provide real time assistance and remote support to your website visitors and customers screen in real time.

Facebook Messenger: Using live chat and facebook together,Chat with your Facebook customers using REVE Chat from single dashboard.

Viber Messaging: Using live chat and viber together,Chat with your customers on Viber messaging using your public account from single dashboard.

Screen sharing: With the REVE Chat chat plugin for WordPress, Support your website visitors in real time and help them to navigate the website with screen sharing.

Real-time Visitor Analytics: With the REVE Chat chat plugin for WordPress, Get real time insights about your customers (location, history, IP address, Referral source) and personalize every interaction to improve user experience

Department Management: With the REVE Chat chat plugin for WordPress, Improve customer response time by routing your customer queries to the right department.

Queuing: With the REVE Chat chat plugin for WordPress, Manage your customer expectations effectively by providing them right information about waiting time when your agents are busy with other customers

Auto Triggers: With the REVE Chat chat plugin for WordPress, Send automatic invitations to your website visitors based on certain time, ULR or location.

Chat Monitoring: With the REVE Chat chat plugin for WordPress, Monitor your agent performance and responses in real time to provide more appropriate answers to your customer queries.

Mobile live chat applications: – mobile apps for iOS and Android will help you chat with customers wherever you are.

Live Chat Benefits-

Out of all the customer support channels available whether offline or online — live chat is by far the most fast and convenient method to handle customer queries.

Get complete overview and insights about your customer interactions across multiple channels

Offer your visitors instant assistance and increase your sales conversions

Reduce cost of service by managing multiple customers simultaneously.

Receive valuable customer feedback after every chat session to gain insights and improve the quality of your service.

Proactively engage to assist website visitors in real-time before they leave your website being frustrated.

What is live chat for WordPress?

If you have a website, and you are serious about your business then using live chat will be best. Live chat plugin for WordPress adds a live chat widget to the bottom of your website that allows visitors to chat to you in real time.


With REVE chat plugin for WordPress, you can add live chat to every page of your website. To answer chats, chat agents have to be logged into our dashboard – from web dashboard or mobile apps. There are also applications for mobile devices – iPhone and Android.

What makes Reve Chat the best choice for live chat?

  • A simple and highly customizable Live chat solution
  • User friendly interface and Dashboard
  • Intuitive Chat Window
  • Innovative and unique features
  • 24×7 hour live chat support from our trained experts on any weekday (visit

Supported Language

  • Arabic | Bangla | Chinese | Dutch | English | French| German | Hindi | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Malay | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Spanish | Swedish | Tagalog | Turkish | Vietnamese

Some Geeky Facts

  • Work across major browsers (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari).
  • Average uptime is 99.8%.
  • Mobile Optimized Dashboard
  • Should you need any assistance, feel free to chat with our customer advocates on or email us at


REVE Chat offers 24×7-365 live support, visit and initiate a chat or send us an email at

Don’t have a reve chat account ? Create one from here!

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Chat window on your website - active chat
  • Account Configuration - Link Up
  • Account Configuration - Linked Up with Launch Dashboard
  • Dashboard View - Open new browser tab
  • Widget Customization from Dashboard


Adding reve chat live chat widget to your WordPress site is very easy, follow following steps :

  • Install the live chat plugin from WordPress directory and activate it.
  • Click on REVE Chat in the left menu bar.
  • Enter your login details or create a new live chat account from here!
  • Customize the chat widget from within the reve chat dashboard to your preference.
  • Start chatting with your visitors! 🙂

Note: You will need a reve chat account : Create one from here!


Do I have to install any software on my server to get working the chat plugin?

No, REVE Chat is a cloud-based live chat software and does not require any other application to be installed on server. You just need to install and activate the live chat plugin.

Why should I use REVE Chat live chat support?

REVE Chat is a multi-channel cloud based live chat software that provides instant assistance to your website visitors for better customer service and boost sales conversions. Businesses can instantly engage with their customers across various channels such as Website live chat, Voice/ Video Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Mobile apps (Android, iOS) using a single platform.

Which web browsers work best with this chat plugin?

Though it is designed to work on almost all the browsers, REVE Chat works best in the following environment: IE 7+ or later (PC), Firefox 2 or later (Mac, PC, or Linux), Safari 2 or later (Mac), Google Chrome (PC, Mac).

is there any demo or trial period to do some testing?

Yes, REVE Chat offers 14- Days Free Trial. You will have access to all features during the trial period.

How can i chat with more visitors at the same time?

Whenever a chat is initiated by a customer, you can view, and reply form your dashboard. Multiple chat requests can be handled at a single time. You can also initiate the chat with website visitors to boost customer engagement.

Can i customize chat widget?

Yes, REVE Chat window is customizable. Some of the things which you can change in the chat window include:
– Changing the color scheme
– Changing the font size
– Changing the avatar
– Changing the chat widget location
– Chat Widget text
– Offline Widget Text
– Pre-chat & Post chat form

can i add reve chat plugin on more than one website at the same time?

Yes, REVE Chat allows the live chat plugin to be used on multiple sites at the same time. You can choose Advanced or higher plan to be able to install it on unlimited websites.

Do you provide live chat support?

Yes, we love to help our customers over live chat support. You can contact us anytime from the dashboard.

Can i use this chat service on any type of website?

Yes, this live chat plugin can be used on any type of website ranging from blogs, corporate website, eCommerce portals etc.

Do you have limit to the number of chats i can take?

No, REVE Chat does not believe in controlling your communication with your website visitors.

Is it possbile to track website visitors through your chat plugin?

REVE Chat widget allows you to see visitor location based on the IP address. You can also check the pages they have visited in the current session. It gives you a better visitor insight.

Do you offer proactive chat to website visitor?

Yes, a pro-active chat can be triggered from either end. However, agents can set auto-triggers for initiating chats like amount of time spent on any page, viewing pricing page etc.

Can it add more chat agents?

Yes, more chat agents can be added from REVE Chat dashboard.

Is it possible to add your chat into facebookfanpage?

Yes, REVE Chat allows you to integrate live chat on your Facebook page. This feature allows you to chat with your Facebook page visitors from REVE chat dashboard.

do you support chat tagging?

Yes, you can tag your visitors and customers with right tags in your REVE Chat dashboard.

Is it possible to provide support from mobile apps?

Yes, you can use REVE Chat’s Android/ iPhone SDK to integrate live chat in your mobile apps too. You will be able to provide omni-channel support from a single dashboard.

Can i see chat history of past conversations?

Yes, you chat check chat history of past conversations. Our Advanced plan allows you to access the chat history of 365 days whereas Enterprise plan gives you the access of all your chat history.

is there any application for Android and iOS?

Yes, we have mobile app of Android and iPhone both. You will be able to provide support to your website visitors while on the move.

Can I move chat widget?

Yes, you can decide the location of chat widget on your website. You can make these changes from live chat plugin dashboard.

Do i have to signup the service to install the plugin?

No, you don’t need to signup to install the plugin but you’ll have to signup to use this plugin.

Can i translate preference of chat widget for my own language?

Yes, REVE Chat supports more than 20 languages. You can check them above in Description section.

can chat agent able to transfer a chat during conversations?

Yes, chat agents will be able to transfer chat during conversation

How much is price of REVE Chat web chat plugin?

REVE Chat plugin is free to install and it offers a complete 14 days free trial to understand its all features. REVE Chat offers 3 packages
1. Standard
2. Advanced
3. Enterprise
Please click here to find out more about pricing.
The live chat support plugin is completely free to install. However, if you want to use Standard and Advanced REVE Chat package then you have to purchase the package.

How can I chat with more visitors at the same time?

REVE Chat web chat plugin allows unlimited concurrent chats for the paid plans. Hence you can chat with as many visitors as you want at the same time. REVE Chat also allows you to proactively chat with your website visitors before they leave your website.

How can I take further information regarding REVE Chat live chat support plugin?

You can find out more at our site at or at and we will help you with installation.

Can I add REVE Chat plugin on more than one website at the same time?

Yes, this live chat plugin can be added on more than one website at the same time for Advanced & Enterprise package.

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  • Feature: Add the Reve chat widget to your site!
  • Feature: Customize look and feel of the widget, including themes and color!


  • New Admin Menu page for REVE Chat
  • New for integration
  • Added link of settings page to display on the plugins page (beside the activate/deactivate links).


  • Updated chat script


  • updated the UI


  • introduced new signup process
  • fixed signin bug


  • new UI design
  • updating singup and login procedure
  • added shopping cart feature


  • added shopping cart feature
  • Show visitor’s cart information in chat window
  • Share product card
  • Show orders list
  • Search order by id