Zlick Paywall



Paywall for anyone from small-time content creators to large publishers

Content creators can focus on what they like to do the most – creating content and get paid for it. That’s why we created an easy-to-use plugin that is connected to everything you need and can be used by anyone without the need for tech support.

Premium access reduced to one button

Your readers can access paid content in one click with zero account creation, nor zero app download for payment. They can Pay-per-post or Subscribe for Premium content using credit cards, mobile payments, and Apple Pay in seconds. No bells and whistles, simple call-to-action buttons that work. We believe that one-click payments will be the universal standard for online services.

Readers can see the content previews before seeing the Zlick button, giving readers the chance to continue reading with one click. Zlick is compatible with all desktop and portable devices, making it accessible from just about anywhere at any time. Try the Zlick Paywall demo and see how it works!

Clean Nordic design with the ultimate ease of use

Your readers see the preview for the content and clean paywall design. Simple choose one-time payment or subscription and fill in only the most essential information. We’ve run hundreds of A/B tests to minimalize the bounce rate and know what works. You can customize the paywall and align it to your brand colors even with basic customization.

Our portal’s design is made for an excellent user experience and ultimate ease of use. Everything is accessible in one portal and as simple as posting content. It’s made for content creators and editors, not your tech team.

Fast-install WordPress plugin with zero setup cost

It takes less than 10 minutes to fully set up and monetize your content. Best of all, you don’t need a tech team for it – anyone can do it with zero setup cost. Simply create an account, connect Zlick with your wp site, and Stripe and you are good to go.

Monetize your content and give access to different levels of content with ease. Control and sell access to all post types, categories, tags, individual articles, in-content sections, audio & video, time-based premium archive content, and premium newsletters. You control everything and can lock down, open up, and change pricing with seconds.

Everything you need is connected to one plugin

You don’t need to mix and match plugins anymore. Zlick features a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, an in-depth Analytics dashboard, everything you need to manage earnings, and a Marketing Toolkit for growing your customer base.

It’s connected with Stripe to manage payments, transaction receipts are sent automatically, and your earnings report is in the portal. Everything is connected and made fool-proof.

Always improving based on user feedback

Your feedback dictates which additional features our users will get. We’ve made it simple for you to send your functionality requests and give feedback in our portal. Tell us what you really need and we’ll help you grow.


Zlick is focused to help you implement subscription model successfully. See full functionality in each plan from pictures.

  • Customizable paywall for one-time payments and monthly subscriptions.
  • Flexible restrictions: restrict access to any content individually from the WordPress edit post screen.
  • Customers can pay for content without signing up. Password free login afterward.
  • Connected CRM to manage everything in one portal.
  • Supports credit cards, mobile payments, and Apple Pay. Works in all popular currencies Stripe accepts.
  • Automated transaction receipts and easy refunding.
  • Easy integration with Stripe from the portal. Everything is connected with API.
  • Analytics for business metrics and user behavior.
  • Automated and Custom newsletters for retargeting your readers without spending hours on creating weekly newsletters.
  • Trackable events and call-to-action buttons with tracking tools (Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Linkedin Campaign Manager).
  • Compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.
  • Build your email list with a signup popup and a freemium access level.
  • Monetization and Growth consulting from our experts for extra fee. We’ve done it for a while and know exactly what works.


We are here to help you grow your business with performance-based pricing, making your success our priority. We have integrated important traction-building Marketing tools into our Essential plan and will continue to introduce new tools that help you grow your reader numbers.

Zlick charges 5% on each transaction (Stripe takes their own fee on top of that).

We will continue to introduce new features based on what our customer really needs. Our focus is on providing a Marketing Toolkit that helps you drive traffic to your content and monetize the growth.


The plugin requires the use of Zlick Paywall SDK to load the payment widget on your page and lock content. It automatically adds Zlick Paywall javascript SDK to the page where content is locked. All user and subscription data is stored and is accessible in Zlick Paywall portal. Payments are handled through Stripe. Installing the plugin means you agree with our Terms and Conditions as well as Stripe’s terms of service.


It takes 10 minutes to integrate Zlick with your WordPress page. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open portal.zlickpaywall.com and Sign up for a new account.
  2. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Navigate to Plugins and click the “Add new” plugin.
  4. Search for “Zlick Paywall” from the marketplace and install & activate.
  5. Zlick Paywall plugin appears on the left-hand menu under “Settings”.
  6. Open to the Integration panel in Zlick Portal.
  7. Copy&Paste your Publisher ID and API Key from the Zlick Portal Integration page to WordPress and Enable the plugin. Configure the previewable paragraph number and hit Save.
  8. Connect Stripe to Zlick from Zlick Portal. It’s under Integrations page settings.
  9. Create an account or sign in to your existing one. It’ll take 3 minutes to create a new account and connect it to your Zlick account.
  10. Open Monetisation Plan in Zlick portal and set up your pricing. “Subscription Name” will be displayed on the paywall widget as well as transaction statements.
  11. Switch Live Payment Mode on in Portal.
  12. Nicely done. Your Zlick Paywall is connected and ready to accept payments.

You can now hide any article behind a paywall from your WordPress admin panel. Zlick Paywall tickbox is at the bottom of your Edit post / Create a Post view. You can customize the widget to your brand colors from the Appearance menu later. There’s a step-by-step guide with visuals too.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Zlick Paywall Portal with everything you need to sell subscriptions and monetize content.
  • Customize anything from your brand colors, texts to prices.
  • Connecting with WordPress & Stripe takes 5 minutes.
  • Paywall widget look has been A/B tested to minimize drop-off


What can I do with the free version of the plugin?

You can do everything you need to monetize content. We are charging a monthly fee for extra tools only. The Essential plan is for free to everyone for unlimited time. Every account made in the discount period will keep the free version for lifetime.

What happens when I exceed the 5,000 customer limit on Starter plan?

You will be notified about reaching the limit beforehand and will be moved to the next plan automatically the following month.

Can I cancel or downgrade my plan?

You can cancel your plan in Zlick Portal. You may downgrade to the Essential plan at any time. Downgrade to a Starter plan is only possible if your customer limit isn’t reached yet.


When I wanted to find a paywall for my blog I really got frustrated with different plugins, managed to get them to work, but they were difficult to use and always something went wrong. I was recommended to yose Zlick Paywall and as I am no IT-genius it was easy to install even for me, works perfectly and the support team is always willing to help and answers all questions professionaly and very quickly. Would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a paywall.
The simplest and easiest to use plugin I've found so far. Quick installation, 10 minutes. The support is very good and they respond quickly and objectively. Need to have more monetization plans options. Without a doubt very good. I recommend it to everyone.
Looks really good on the website and is easy to setup. Using it on one of our clients blog and they love it. Nice backend ui to manage customers and the plugin. Client has earned over 1k euros from subscriptions already.
I got super frustrated of trying to find and install paywalls for my fashion blog for a few weeks - everytime I would start an installation, something would go wrong or I wouldn't understand the instructions, not being a super tech person. With this plugin I managed to understand all instructions and get my paywall working in like 15-20 minutes. Super happy (so far) of the product!
It's well designed and fits perfectly to my site with a clean design. Cool that I can customize it to fit with the color scheme of my site (meadow green and charcoal). And setting it up took me 11 minutes with stripe account creation. Not all mentioned features are included already but the core functionality works neatly. Can lock content and take payments (tested), can see subscribers in CRM, can send automated welcome emails. Didn't see analytics but I assume they'll add analytics soon? Edit: they have analytics now too. 100% Recommend it
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დაათვალიერეთ კოდი, შეამოწმეთ SVN რეპო, ან გამოიწერეთ შექმნის ჟურნალი : RSS.



  • Opens up content for search engine bots


  • Adds support for bulk actions to enable or disable monetization on multiple articles at once.


  • Adds error logging and alerts.


  • json issue resolution


  • Adds paywall to pages


  • Fix error logging.


  • Adds overlay new style


  • Overlay fix and remove comments for post sharing


  • Disable Ads for subscribers