DataPocket – Woo Product Data and WP posts Connector for Design Platforms


Design 80x faster with real‍ ‍content and live data using your WordPress and/or WooCommerce data.

An incredibly simple and efficient service that uploads your entire WooCommerce catalog or your complete WordPress content to your favorite Design Platform instantly allowing you to easily generate content by using all product information; picture, price, description, etc.

Make incredible designs in seconds without any manual inputs and the mistakes that follow.

Data Pocket was created to EMPOWER ecommerce owners, website designers and content creators to design and create FASTER, EASIER and EFFICIENTLY, for FREE.

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  • Keep your eCommerce synchronized 24/7 with your account.
  • Keep your WordPress Data synchronized 24/7 with your account.
  • All products available in your design platform including its pictures, title, product info and prices.
  • All your WordPress data available in your design platform.
  • Having full control over your catalog using a design tool is now a reality.
  • Committing spelling mistakes is a thing of the past.
  • Having an organized catalog with its pictures, prices and details inside a designing tool is now possible.
  • Real-time: FULL SYNCHRONIZATION: Any changes made on your WooCommerce products or your WordPress posts will instantly be reflected in your Design Platform.


This plugin was created by DataPocket.

DataPocket: Woo Product Data and WP posts Connector for Design Platforms.


  1. Install DataPocket either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate DataPocket from the Plugins tab – Installed Plugins.
  3. Navigate to DataPocket Settings – Copy the key and paste into your DataPocket account.

Please, find further instructions in the following links:

WordPress installation instructions

WooCommerce installation instructions


How long does it take to synchronize my entire catalog with my design platform?

You will be able to enjoy using all your products within minutes, the larger the data source, the longer it can take.

What happens if I delete an item from my eCommerce?

As there is a full sync between your design platform and your eCommerce your item will also disappear.

Is the 24/7 synchronisation automatically activated?

That is correct, once your eCommerce is connected it will automatically stay synchronised.

Can I connect multiple eCommerce to one Canva account?

That is correct, if you have multiple eCommerce, even from different technologies, you can have them easily connected to your desired Design Platform.


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