Classic Widgets


Classic Widgets is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress widgets settings screens. It will be supported and maintained until at least 2022, or as long as is necessary.

Once activated, this plugin restores the previous widgets settings screens and disables the block editor from managing widgets. There is no other configuration, the classic widgets settings screens are enabled or disabled by either enabling or disabling this plugin.


Are there any settings?

No, there are no settings. Once activated, this plugin restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress widgets screen and disables the block editor from managing widgets.


Handling widgets should be a very simple thing. Often, out of the desire to innovate, it is only possible to complicate things. The simplicity of the old version implemented with this plugin should make you think. It is much better this way than with the block editor. Good luck
I can't imagine who wants block widgets. Or, at least, I can't imagine who wants THIS kind of block management. It's REALLY slow! It's confusing! It gets hiccups if I try to do the slightest quick customisation of html (and I am talking really basic. Like, I wanted my button a bit bigger.) I am very glad this plugin exists, since it opens the door to the previous fast, well thought out and easy to use system, but I am a bit baffled as to why it's a plugin and not the default behaviour. I get the idea of being accessible, but I do not think novice WordPress users want to wait seconds for their widget management interface to load, or to have to wander in the confusion of 'mystery meat' navigation that it includes. Without this plugin, WordPress widgets are near-unmanageable and I shall have to install it on all my WordPress sites.
I was coming back to my old free blog on WP only to find that it can't be edited any more. Since the blog is free, I can't activate the "Classic Widgets" Plugin and will not be able to edit the old blog or do anything sensible to it without upgrading. Not very tempting now.
The first time I tried to use the new block version, I got a bunch of error messages pop up (I assume it doesn't like something else... but doesn't really help me by saying what), but thankfully also a popup advising me to install this plug-in. Works fine, back they way it used to be / still should be!
I was having the hardest time with this new widget design and it just isn't as user-friendly as the old one. Thankfully this app is here and I hope they keep it updated in perpetuity!
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