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Vcard CV Resume

ავტორი: VW THEMES

ვერსია: 0.1.5

ბოლო განახლება: 27 11, 2021

აქტიური ინსტალაცია: 300+

PHP ვერსია :7.2, ან უფრო მაღალი

თემების მთავარი გვერდი

Vcard CV Resume is a multifunctional theme for creating a personal portfolio, business Vcard, resume, or CV online. Whether it is a portfolio for a programmer, developer, or any professional related to a niche domain. This is such a good theme to represent your online portfolio. Developed by WordPress experts, it is minimally crafted and elegant in design to make your website appear absolutely professional. It is retina-ready and clean for fine projection of necessary information and details regarding you as well as your business. It is user-friendly having easy tweaking and personalization options. Coupled with interactive elements, there are several Call To Action Button (CTA) that further enhances its interactive part. Bootstrap-based design loads quickly giving faster page load time and comprise of secure and clean codes to make sure that your website functions well under any circumstances. With shortcodes making your work of adding any element to your website easy, you will never have to go for redesigning your page. With stunning animations and CSS effects added and along with that, there are modern features included making the theme absolutely trendy and up to date. The codes are optimized for SEO and include proper tags for featuring your website in top ranks. Demo: https://www.vwthemes.net/vw-vcard-cv-resume/


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