Zigaform – Price Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder Lite


Zigaform – Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder is a real-time drag and drop form builder which makes you to build your estimation forms on few easy steps. it can estimate any service for your clients and you can proceed checkout using payment gateway. Also it provides an advanced grid system and skin customizer that makes you to build professional forms. Also it provides an administration section where site admins manage tons of form options. It’s really easy to customize and you don’t need programming skills.

♦ Creating forms with automatically calculated fields
♦ Finance calculators
♦ Quote calculators
♦ Booking cost calculators
♦ Date calculators
♦ Health / fitness calculators
♦ Form builder for adding input fields on the form
♦ Add one or more calculated fields
♦ Predefined forms templates
♦ Check other calculators made with zigaform : https://kb.softdiscover.com/docs/zigaform-wordpress-cost-estimator/examples/

Features (Free Lite version):

  • real-time drag and drop form builder which makes to build estimation forms
  • Cost estimation and calculation feature (math formula)
  • Offline Payment Gateway included
  • 42+ form elements ready to be used
  • Full skin customizer with live preview
  • Math calculation (Complex calculation supported)
  • Advanced grid system for building form estimators
  • Dinamic validation for your form (email, letter, numbers and so on)
  • Advanced summary estimate box (sticky feature)
  • skin customizer with live preview
  • Many form templates available
  • over 650 custom fonts with live preview
  • over 769 icons to use on your form elements
  • A lot of form elements ready to be used
  • create custom form fields
  • dinamic validation for your form
  • multiple forms in one wordpress page
  • graphic chart entry report by form
  • advanced search for entries
  • Import and export your custom forms
  • option to duplicate forms
  • Accept multiple files uploads using the forms
  • detailed entries report by form
  • ajax powered forms
  • Bootstrap integrated
  • Get live email notifications on form submissions
  • Unlimited forms
  • retina activated
  • Duplicate form function
  • toured guide option
  • Multi Language support (Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese)
  • Fully responsive form
  • Cross Browser : ie8, ie9, ie10, chrome, firefox, safari, opera
  • No programming skills required
  • Easily add/delete/edit/manage forms, fields, entries and tons of features
  • upload images and files via ajax
  • Language Switcher

Zigaform – Calculator & Cost Estimator Form Builder Premium
If you like Zigaform – Calculator & Cost Estimator Form Builder Lite, you might want to give our premium offering a try. All features locked on express version are unlocked on premium version:

  1. Paypal payment integration
  2. Advanced conditional logic feature
  3. Wizard forms supported. real-time wizard form editor with live preview (two themes available)
    4 Invoicing feature (listing invoices, detailed)
  4. Export all your submissions to CSV
  5. Extended HTML documentation.
  6. Priority Support and plus many other features.

Try out Zigaform – Cost Estimation & Payment Form Builder Premium

More info in https://softdiscover.com/zigaform/wordpress-cost-estimator/


  1. Animation effects Add-On: You can animate your fields adding many animation effects. Also you can set up the delay and other options (pro version)
  2. WebHooks Add-On: You can use the WebHooks Add-On to send data from your forms to any custom page or script you like. This page can perform integration tasks to transform, parse, manipulate and send your submission data to wherever you choose. If you are developing an application that needs to be updated every time a form is submitted, WebHooks is for you. The advantage of WebHooks is that the passing of data is immediate and you can pass all submitted form data at once. – https://zapier.com/page/webhooks/ (pro version)
  3. Woocommerce Add-On: Add a custom WooCommerce form to your product pages. Create your WordPress form however you would like, add a calculation to generate the total, and set up the woocommerce options in zigaform, that’s all. The product price used in your WooCommerce cart comes from the calculation of the form. (lite version)




Zigaform comes with a drag and drop builder that allows you to easily build forms in minutes, not hours. You can easily add and remove form fields with just one simple click. You can easily re-arrange them as needed with drag & drop. All forms created with zigaform are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. You have the ability to create multi-page forms, add file-upload, create smart conditional logic, and so much more.

With the simple and intuitive drag and drop form builder, you don’t need any coding experience. Just arrange form elements and customize the settings and you are good to go. Change themes or designs with just clicks of a few buttons.



Zigaform provides a visual editor for conditional logic. It allows you to create smart dynamic forms that help you collect the most relevant information. With conditional logic, your forms will dynamically change based on the selections the user makes while filling out your forms. You can choose to show or hide fields based on a selected item. The goal of our conditional logic is to allow you to create smart powerful and useful forms that give you the best results.



it supports paypal payment. Enable your users to pay you via PayPal Payments Standard as part of the Forms submission process.



it supports invoicing feature. It allows you to create customized invoices and let your customers download the pdf file.



zigaform allows you to create custom formula using math calculations and support any kind of calculation. you can create a basic estimation form up to complex estimation form



Zigaform allows you to create custom email notifications to get notified when new entries are submitted. Personalize these emails by editing the subject, writing the message, and including options like entry details, carbon copy and tons of options.



Zigaform offers an advanced grid system to allows you to create unique form layouts in a fully customizable and responsive grid system. It supports unlimited grid nesting.



The page break field allows you to break up your form into multiple pages and even show a progress bar that let’s your user know where they are in the process.



Zigaform has tons of field types to make a great form that will help your website succeed for you.
* Text input (single line) * Textarea (multiple lines) * Checkbox * Radio (multiple choice) * Select dropdown * HTML * File Upload * Columns * File Upload * Image Upload * Password * Slider * Range * Spinner * Captcha * Recaptcha * hidden field * star rating * color picker * date picker * Time picker * Date and Time * ReCaptcha * Prepended, Appended textbox * Panel * Divider * Heading * Wizard buttons * Switch * Dinamic Checkboxes * Dinamic Radiobutton



Zigaform offers support for Google reCaptcha to prevent spammers and spambots. Spam prevention is one of the first steps in WordPress security. If spambots are able to break through your security efforts, they can alter the content of your site, inject malicious code, or even remove your ability to log in.

To protect your site, you want to make it as easy as you can for your visitors to fill in your contact form, while making it as hard as possible for spambots to get through your security.



This plugin allows you to view submitted entries within the WordPress admin area, and send submitted form data via email. Other options include a custom autoreply and filters to strip unwanted data. Zigaform also enables you to use built-in or custom validators to force specific data from the user.

Some key features: * Bulk Export to CSV * Bulk Delete * Advanced Filtering * Search across all entries * Collect submitted data as well as date submitted and IP Address



Zigaform designs are carefully crafted to fit all your devices. Be it mobile, iPad or a PC, it makes sure that your forms are readable and interactive to get maximum conversion rate.

All of the elements are designed using either CSS or font icons. Meaning, your forms will look simply stunning on retina and high resolution devices. Say goodbye to pixelations and glitches and enjoy an interface that scales.



An abundance of settings so you can fine tune every part of your form: from general settings down to individual fields, submit actions and emails.



Add a Zigaform Form to your site easily with a widget, shortcode, or append it automatically to any …

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Main form editor panel
  • Form detailed entries report
  • Saved forms in list
  • graphic chart entry report by form
  • Export form feature
  • Import form feature
  • Preview form


There are 2 ways to install. Please follow the steps below:


  1. After your download unzip Zigaform - Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder from your download .zip
  2. Open your FTP client
  3. Upload the Zigaform Estimator Lite folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your hosting server
  4. Activate the Zigaform – Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder Lite plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Configure the plugin by going to the Zigaform - Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder Lite menu that appears in your admin menu

Via backend of WordPress

  1. After your download, log into backend of your WordPress
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click the Upload link
  4. Click Browse and locate the file that you downloaded and click Install Now
  5. After WordPress has finished unpacking the file click on Activate Plugin
  6. After the plugin has been activated you will notice a new menu item on the left hand navigation labelled Zigaform Express


How do I create an estimation form?

  1. Click on the Zigaform Estimator Lite menu > click on add new form button
  2. A pop-up will appear, enter the title of your form
  3. Drag and drop or click to add form elements to form
  4. Tune your options and click on save form button to save your changes
  5. A pop-up with shortcode will appear. just copy the shortcode and paste to your post/page.


I am not the kind of person writing comments, but here I have to share my amazing experience. I needed to created my own calculator sheet to will be connected to Woocommerce. As I am a beginner in WordPress, I face some technical issues (stupid ones), and the team always been helpful. On top of this, their fast response is incredible (every day of the week!). I wish the team and their plugins to succeed!
This plugin is really good. Very customizable once you wrap your head around the shortcodes for customizing the emails going to the admin and to the customer. Love it because I have many use cases where we aren't using it for the estimation cost part of the functions, but it's working terrific for just a contact form. The form builder is pretty good and has lots of features and it's pretty intuitive. And, the support, even for the free version, is FAST! I had an issue over a long weekend and used the chat widget on the support page, got instant help, great direction and also reported a little bug which they squashed and sent out an update within 48 hours as well as following up by email communication. Maybe I was just lucky, but for me, the service I get over a long weekend is an indicator of how things will be under a crunch.
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