WPC Admin Columns


Managing an online store on WordPress is made easier with the WPC Admin Columns plugin. This plugin offers a listing of columns in the admin dashboards for different post types so you can adjust the columns’ width, quickly find the ones to be edited, and easily preview the details in a glance.

A variety of data and parameters will be displayed for faster preview of different post types – products, posts, pages, and especially, orders. For example, instead of choosing a filter to find a specific product type, now users can see which type each product belongs to with the “Product type” column. It’s super helpful to detect special product types namely Smart Bundles/ Smart Composite & Smart Grouped.

The most remarkable feature in this plugin is the custom columns for products and orders. In the content of these custom columns, it’s possible to insert texts and shortcode. There’s also a Remove button for each custom column to be left out of the column list effortlessly. With this, shop owners and administrators can literally display any piece of information they want in the backend dashboard.

Key features

  • Easily turn on/off the columns with 1 button
  • Drag and drop to rearrange the columns
  • Customize the width of columns
  • Add unlimited new columns to the list
  • Support multiple post types: posts, products, pages, etc.
  • Support multiple taxonomies: category, tag, collection, brand, product category, product attribute, etc.
  • Support comments, attachment, plugins
  • Plenty of predefined columns of data
  • Posts/pages: post properties, post ID, excerpt & name
  • Products: metadata, product ID, type, name, status, etc.
  • Orders: order ID, status, billing, payment, notes, etc.
  • Custom column: editable, removable content with text & shortcode
  • Reset all custom column settings to the original in 1 click
  • Work well with many WPC plugins & all WPC themes
  • Work well with common WordPress themes and plugins

Default Columns

WordPress allows users to check/uncheck the columns they want to display or hide from the Screen Options menu. However, it’s time consuming when you need to modify more data at the same time and very annoying to open that menu several times.

WPC Admin Columns helps you go further by listing all columns in one popup so they can grab the information in an instance. Default columns will be listed on top of each list:

  • Products: Image, Name, SKU, Stock, Price, Categories, Tags, Featured, Date
  • Orders: Order, Date, Status, Billing, Ship To, Total, Actions, Latest Note, Note
  • Pages: Title, Author, Comments, Date
  • Posts: Title, Author, Categories, Tags, Comments, Date

Management of Products & Orders

By default, WooCommerce only shows some of the product details in the Products dashboard. Our plugin makes it more straightforward for shop owners and administrators to preview products’ type, status, description, short description, weight, length, width, height, dimensions besides basic information namely product ID & name.

For orders, users are entitled to not just preview basic information such as Order, Date, Status, Billing, Ship To, Total, Actions, Latest Note, Note. There is an individual column exclusive for notes created by the WPC Order Notes for WooCommerce plugin. Clicking on the icon under the Notes column then the popup will be opened for users to preview all existing notes & add a new one if they want.

Work in the WPClever Ecosystem

Being a new member in the plugin collection of WPClever means there are huge possibilities that many features of other WPC plugins are integrated and ready to use for users. It also means this plugin is fully tested on any of our WPC themes so users can expect smooth performance if they use any of our themes for the online store.

For products, there are ready-made columns for:

  • Pricing plugins: WPC Price by Quantity & WPC Price by User Role
  • Product management: WPC Smart Product Collections & WPC Brands
  • Wishlist management: WPC Smart Wishlist
  • Timers: WPC Product Timer & WPC Countdown Timer

Under these columns, users can click on the icon to access the Quick Edit popup and preview the settings. Saving time in managing your products & orders should be the very first step to higher success.

Need more features?

Please try other plugins from us:

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  1. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select “Add New”
  2. Search for “WPC Admin Columns”, Install & Activate it
  3. All done!


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  • Added: Variations column for variable products


  • Fixed: Sort custom fields by alphabet


  • Fixed: Some custom fields don’t work


  • Updated: Support managing columns for Comments
  • Updated: Support managing columns for Attachments


  • Updated: Support managing columns for any taxonomy
  • Updated: Support managing columns for Plugins page


  • Added: Built-in duplicate feature


  • Added: Billing phone and Shipping phone for Orders


  • Added: Intro popup for the first time using


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Support {post_id} and {user_id} in shortcode


  • Updated: Use Select2 4.0.13 instead of Select2 4.1.0-beta


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Added: Click on editable text to copy


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: PHP error substr()


  • Added: Sortable option for some system fields


  • Added: More fields for Users


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Minor CSS/JS issues


  • Released