WP Umbrella: Manage Multiple Sites – Ideal For WordPress Maintenance


WP Umbrella gives you everything you need to manage multiple WordPress sites effortlessly. WP Umbrella is Helping Agencies and Freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business.

WP Umbrella includes powerful features that make multiple WordPress websites management a breeze.Our core features include:
* Dashboard to manage, update and backup all your sites.
* Automatic backups stored in the cloud.
* Update all your sites in 1-click.
* WordPress monitoring (PHP errors, uptime, performance and GooglePage).
* Automated maintenance reports to prove the value of your WordPress maintenance service to your clients.

WP Umbrella is the best alternative to ManageWP, MainWP, WP Remote and InfiniteWP.

Manage multiple sites from a single dashboard

WP Umbrella compiles the data from all of your sites on one dashboard, so you can check up on your websites in a single glance and log in your WordPress admin in 1-click.

Update Manager

Safely update all your plugins, themes and WordPress in just 1-click and save a ton of time. Updating multiple sites has never been so easy.

Automatically Backup WordPress

Backup and restore all your websites in just 1-click from WP the dashboard. Backups are incremental, stored in the cloud and GDPR compliant.

WordPress Monitoring

The most comprehensive monitoring solution for WordPress: monitor uptime, downtime, GooglePage Speed and PHP Errors and be alerted in case of issues.

Maintenance Reports

Prove the value of your WordPress maintenance to your clients with white-label automated maintenance reports. Google Analytics integration included.

Premium / Freemium

Create an account and enjoy 14 day trial with all features (backup, uptime monitoring, etc). Then you only have access to our health check and safe update technology.

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Minimum Requirements for WP Umbrella

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater


Why do I need WP Umbrella ?

WP Umbrella gives you everything you need to manage hundreds of WordPress sites effortlessly.
* Save a ton of time with multiple WordPress sites management and update
* Find peace of mind with a reliable all-in-one solution to manage update monitor and backup your sites.
* Improve communication with your existing clients about WordPress maintenance benefits

Is WordPress maintenance needed?

WordPress sites need routine maintenance and updates to ensure it performs optimally. This may require to regularly update and backup your websites.

Everything you need to know about backup

All our backups are stored in Europe on Google Cloud servers and are GDPR compliant. Automatic backups can be make every hour. Automatic backups are stored during 50 days. Automatic backups are incremental. You can make up manual backup. Manual backups are stored during 14 days.

How can I bulk update WordPress ?

WP Umbrella offers an easy update manager that allows you to update all your plugins, on all your websites in just one-click. You can also disable update or enable automatic updates.

What do you monitor?

WP Umbrella is a comprehensive WordPress management and monitoring tool. Curious about it? Read our guide about WordPress monitoring!

How can I manage multiple WordPress sites?

We suggest you to read our guide about How to manage multiple WordPress sites easily

Does WP Umbrella work with multisite ?

Yes, multisite networks are fully supported, including the ability to backup and update a multisite network.

How are you better than ManageWP?

WP Umbrella is easier to use and faster than managewp.


Thank you very much for this nice plugin. It's worth doing! Does what's is expected for maintaining multiple websites easily. And the support is amazing.
I've used other tools in the past for managing lots of websites. Both hosted and self hosted. WP-Umbrella makes everything very simple and straightforward to use. Easy to understand dashboard and very nice reports to send to clients.
It was quite basic when it came out, but now it is one of the best. A regular backup is part of the subscription. One click updates and so much more. The price per site is very reasonable. I am now using it instead of MainWP, even though I have the agency LTD. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this plugin.
Excellent service qui me permet de gérer très facilement l'ensemble des sites web que j'administre. Un must
Does everything I need at a great price point. The UI is very clean and support has been good. Well done!
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2.5.3 (25-11-2022)

  • Fix: Backup compatibility with Kinsta and o2switch specifc configuration

2.5.2 (24-11-2022)

  • Improved: Compatibility with WP Marketing Automation plugin
  • Improved: Change of automatic method for backup configuration according to the writing rules of a file

2.5.1 (16-11-2022)

  • Fix: WordPress version on backup information
  • Fix: Start date on backup
  • Improved: Speed on retrieving connectivity information

2.5.0 (15-11-2022)

  • Improved: Get users function optimised
  • Improved: Speed of execution of the backup
  • New: Single process for bulk upgrade plugins

Our full changeling can be accessed Here!