Wizart Home Plugin: Choose and Visualize finishing materials with AR technology!


If you were looking for an unmatched and realistic product visualization tool driving customer engagements and boosting your sales, try the Wizart AR Home Visualizer!

Wizart is an AR Visualizer that provides a virtual fitting room for end customers to select finishing materials, try them on in any interior, and complete the purchase, without having to re-engineer the entire customers’ journey. With Wizart, you can ensure your customers are getting the products matching their tastes and meeting their expectations.

Wizart offers an elegant solution for your online catalogs, web stores, eCommerce, with a cost-free Data Sharing service: manufacturers can securely share their digital data with the retailers and distributors. This means your unique designs come to life on users’ screens, giving you all the benefits of increased sales, unmatched digital marketing tool, and data distribution at ZERO cost.

Wizart Data Logistics & Insights will reduce your time and costs of digital data management, allowing you to receive regular updates on customer engagement, sales, and market shifts.

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Wizart guarantees:
– Lower Returns – Customers are much less likely to return the purchased product if they tried it before buying.
– 5x increase in conversions.
– 4x shortened transaction cycle.
– Wow-effect driving customer engagement and adding fun to their shopping experience.

Wizart Products:
– Web
– Mobile (available on the Appstore and Google Play)
– Wizart Data Logistics & Insights


  • Easy integration – Wizart Home plugin will get you up and running in a few clicks.
  • Advanced customization – Customize the app with your brand elements to make it stand out.
  • Shopping cart support – Link the app’s cart to your e-store for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Tailored to customers’ needs – Customize your room scenes or use customers’ own photos.

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  1. Upload the Wizart Home Plugin to your WordPress admin panel from the Plugins tab.
  2. Follow our step-by-step instructions for a super-easy integration or Check our product integration video.


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Release Date – 11 March 2022

  • Updated link scripts to AWS


Release Date – 03 September 2021

  • Added disable uploading photos

Release Date – 12 Jule 2021

  • Added using sku instead of vendor_code for two-way shopping cart synchronization

Release Date – 11 June 2021

  • Fixed send analytics for iframe method


Release Date – 31 May 2021

  • Added new parameters for floating and entry buttons


Release Date – 05 April 2021

  • Added context


Release Date – 03 February 2021

  • Display render floating button for iframe method


Release Date – 02 February 2021

  • Added cache for render button
  • Displaying the integration button when using the plugin Elementor