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20.01.2023 2 replies
I can not setup vrm360 Plugin. I tried different ways but can't work such as: [vrm360 canvas_name=s1 https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/109596737-cc68f0c3356242338b5d00cea36286d2 aspect_ratio=1.8 initial_offset=0.9] [vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url=https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/109596737-cc68f0c3356242338b5d00cea36286d2 aspect_ratio=1.33333 hide_cmds=zoom,fullscreen] [vrm360 canvas_name=3d-models/109596737-db670a7cf8ee480d9fc1852191c321c3] please help me: I want to setup it this link: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/109596737-cc68f0c3356242338b5d00cea36286d2 and: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/115411428-94c667559fba4d19bb82b402d105b46b Please anyone do the solve.
Thanks a lot – it works fantastic! Great to have so much control via shortcode!
11.06.2021 1 reply
Gave it a shot, but this plugin just does not seem ready for prime time. Maybe my issues are caused by the fact that I am not using Blender to create my STL/OBJ files, but there are lots of glitches that I can't figure out how to work around. For example, upon initial load, the model is not centered in the window. When the user begins to rotate the model, however, it immediately snaps to the center position. I'd like to have the model start out centered, and having spent hours experimenting with various shortcode settings, I can't make that work. The viewer also gets "stuck" on occasion, where there is no way to rotate the model, and instead all user inputs are translated into zoom functions. This seems like a decent effort, and with some refinement it could be useful. But as it is currently, I couldn't use this on a professional website.
Maurice & Co. Please Help!! is there a way i could get some help in setting this up please... id much rather watch it on Video or Live Im missing something in the process... Maybe then i can help another human being use your great plugin! thank, KaiBuskirk.com
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