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TotalPoll is a WordPress poll plugin that helps you get instant feedback from your audience effectively using polls and contests.

TotalPoll WordPress Poll Plugin

TotalPoll is a powerful WordPress poll plugin that lets you create and integrate polls easily. It provides several options and features to enable you have full control over the polls, and has been made very easier for you to use. TotalPoll is a product of, a suite of robust, maintained and secure plugins and add-ons for WordPress that helps you generate more value for your business.

For more details and more completed overview, visit the TotalPoll Official Website.

Are you planning to launch a contest? TotalContest is a powerful WordPress contest plugin dedicated to run and manage contests and competitions on your website.


Please visit our demos gallery to see all available features.

1. Simple poll
2. Image contest
3. Video contest
4. Audio contest

Limitations & Restrictions
1. Date limited
2. IP Restricted
3. Members only
4. Quota limited
5. reCaptcha

1. Multiple selection
2. Other field
3. Shuffled choices

1. Blind poll
2. Votes count
3. Hidden results

1. Custom fields
2. Welcome & thank you message
3. Above & below content
4. Multiple questions
5. Custom font and colors

1. One-click
2. Sequential questions

1. Opinion
2. Debate
3. Media Contest
4. Facebook Like
5. Twitter Like
6. Versus


User Friendly

Making polls shouldn’t be rocket science!

1. Drag & Drop
With the support of drag & drop operations, you can easily construct any kind of polls with few clicks.

2. Optimized Interface
Elements were organized for you to make it super simple to create polls with minimum effort.

3. Poll Editor
Whether you launch a simple poll, image poll or other, the editor helps you get started in no time.

Optimized for Mobile

Your polls will always look good everywhere!

1. Responsive Design
Gain more engagement with an optimal viewing experience for your visitors whether in a laptop or a smartphone.

2. Touch Optimized
Assuring an best experience by implementing best practices in the industry.

3. Cross-Platform
Optimized experience across different known operating systems such Android, iOs and Windows Phone.

Essentials Built-in

Multiple built-in features for limitless possibilities.

1. Multiple Questions
You can create one or more questions per poll with infinite number of choices per question.

2. Different Choice Types
Whether your content is a text, image, video, audio or even plain HTML, TotalPoll gives you possibility to insert it easily.

3. Restrictions & Limitations
Control exactly who should be able to vote in your poll and how many times with timeout settings.

Optimized for Search Engines

Gain more organic search engine traffic with TotalPoll.

1. Sitemap
Assuring the visibility of your polls in your sitemap.xml by following WordPress standards.

2. Structured Data
Get more attention in search engines results thanks to the implementation of Structured Data.

3. Compatibility
TotalPoll is compatible with popular WordPress seo plugins such Yoast’s, All-in-one SEO and others.

Insightful Data

Collect and browse data the easy way!

1. Custom Fields
Collect even more information with 5 different types of custom fields.

2. Logs & Entries
Browse every request sent to TotalPoll through a simple interface.

3. Insights
Get a visual overview of your poll, thanks to insights graphs generated by TotalPoll.

Beautiful & Customizable Design

Make your polls look compelling and customize its design easily.

1. Customizer
Customize every aspect of your poll design using the same WordPress customizer experience.

2. Live Preview
Get an instant preview of your poll design with the live preview feature.

3. Controllable Behaviours
Control any behaviour of your polls such AJAX, One-click vote and others easily through settings panel.

Secure & Reliable

TotalPoll is a plugin that you can rely on.

1. Secure
TotalPoll was made following WordPress security standards and the best practices in the field.

2. Actively Maintained
TotalPoll receives updates regularly to keep it stable and to give you a bug-free experience.

3. Performance
Designed to operate under different loads, TotalPoll can scale with WordPress seamlessly.

Developer Friendly

Built using the APIs you’re already familiar with.

1. Extensible
TotalPoll’s extensible codebase lets you add custom functionality in no time thanks to WordPress’ hooks system.

Explore polls data and interact with TotalPoll easily through WordPress REST API.

3. Codex
Extensive documentation about available actions and filters to streamline your development experience.


Help us translate TotalPoll to your language and get 1 year of premium support and a pack of premium templates and extensions.

  • Arabic [ 100% ]
  • English [ 100% ]
  • German [ 100% ]
  • French [ 100% ]
  • Spanish [ 100% ]
  • Italian [ 100% ]
  • Russia [ 100% ]
  • Mandarin [ 0% ]
  • Hindi [ 100% ]
  • Japanese [ 100% ]
  • Portuguese [ 100% ]
  • Polish [ 0% ]

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base cover every aspect of TotalPoll functionality and provide a step-by-step tutorials ang guides to get started with TotalPoll in almost no time.

Customer Support

Customer support is our most important priority that’s why ~70% of reviews are about support quality. We take this responsibility very seriously.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Questions
  • Fields
  • Settings
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Options
  • Poll
  • Results
  • Entries


  1. Log into your WordPress control panel
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Click “Upload”
  4. Choose the file with the name
  5. Click “Install Now”


Is TotalPoll easy to setup?

Absolutely! Just follow the get started guide, and your first poll should be ready in few minutes.

is TotalPoll a self-hosted plugin?

Absolutely! All your data are under you control, and your control only.

What are minimum requirements to run TotalPoll?

You’ll need WordPress 4.6 or later, PHP 5.5 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later.

Is TotalPoll still maintained?

Yes of course!

What kind of polls can I run?

Textual polls, Photo contests, Video contests (PRO), Audio contests (PRO) and dilemma.


There is no data for every anonymous voter. Only the answer percentage for each question. Badly. When selling the paid version, there should be answers very quickly. 4 days without a response on the forum. My poll is over.
04.07.2021 1 reply
Thank you, teh spport solved all issues.
04.06.2021 1 reply
Contrary to what some have commented in this review, I must praise the authors of Total Poll. I have tried many Poll plugins, from the most popular WP-Poll with 90,000+ downloads to many with 500+ downloads. I my opinion Total Poll beats them all. Why? 1. Ease of use, a simple shortcode does it all 2. Multiple questions in one poll 3. Responsive formatting 4. All the necessary options to customize the look. 5. Free version provides more functionality than other plugins with free/premium options. Although there are some minor hiccups, which I reported to in the support forum, these do not detract from the overall and I firmly stand by my 5 star ratings.
22.01.2021 1 reply
Dear totalpoll Would it be possible to make it easier and faster to reach the edit page of a poll that is included with a short-code? Best would be of course to have a Poll-edit button in TinyMCE (in fact also for easily including a poll in a page). But if not, could you please at least include the poll # on the Polls page listing? I would have filled up the website with polls if it weren't so darn complicated to edit a poll, too many steps. Thank you.
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