ეს პლაგინი დახურულია, დახურვის თარიღი: 04.04.2022. ჩამოტვირთვა მიუწვდომელია. ეს დახურვა დროებითია, პლაგინი მიმოხილვის მოლოდინშია.


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Encountered an issue with testimonials being cut-off when displaying more than one per page in a slider. When notifying the author I was immediately rejected because I was testing it (using the free version) and had not paid for it. Going to use another plugin which works.
Was very impressed with this tool on first use and happy with the appearance on screen. A recent update automatically added quotation marks to the testimonial text - the quotation marks were oversized resulting in an untidy line spacing for any text which spanned more than one line. I had email correspondence with Umar Bajwa and in a very short space of time an updated version was released which resolved my issue. So, not only a great product but great support too.
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