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Web push notifications are the digital marketing world’s newest best friend. They allow you to send instant notifications, similar to those found on your smartphone to your subscribers’ devices. This is an ideal solution for marketers looking for a new and very effective channel to reach your audience about news, sales, order status, special offers, empty shopping cart links, new content, events or anything else you can think of.

After setup, your visitors can opt-in to receive push notifications when you publish a new post, add new content, have a special sale and visitors receive these notifications even after they’ve left your website.

  • Supports Chrome (Desktop) and Firefox (Desktop) with Android and Safari support coming soon.
  • Works on both HTTP and HTTPS sites
  • Communicate with your audience in real time
  • Much higher open rates than emails
  • No development skills necessary
  • Grow your traffic
  • Real time reporting and tracking

Send as many notifications as you’d like. There are no limits, even on the free accounts.

A SmartPush account is required to use the service. Please sign up for free here

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Installation is plain and simple:
* Add the SmartPush plugin to your WordPress site by searching and installing from the plugin directory or by uploading uploading a zip, FTP copy or any other way you know how, to your wp-content/plugins directory.
* Next, activate the plugin.
* Then under your Settings menu tab in your WordPress admin site, click on the SmartPush Ai submenu and follow the instructions on the plugin settings page

A SmartPush account is required to use the service. Please sign up for free here


Installation Instructions

  1. Search for ‘SmartPush’ in your plugin directory, when you find it click on Install
  2. Go to the list of your installed plugins and click Activate
  3. Once the plugin is activated all you need to do is provide us with your App ID from your account
  4. If you do not have an account yet please sign up for free here.
  5. Then sign into your dashboard to copy your App ID from this page
  6. Migrate back to WordPress and paste your App ID into your SmartPush settings and click Save. You can get to the SmartPush settings page by clicking on Plugins and then looking for the link to our settings page under our plugin name
  7. Once you click save, the javascript code should be installed and your site should now have the default chicklet installed on it

Are web push notifications really free?

Yes, they are free until you reach a certain subscriber count. Until you reach that subscriber count you can send as many notifications as you want!

We’re confident that once you start paying for an account, that means your traffic is getting bigger and your ROI on SmartPush should easily cover the monthly fees.

Do I need an Apple or Google Developer account to sign up?

Nope, we take care of all of that.

Will it work on HTTP and HTTPS sites?

Yes, it works on both and we will be adding in additional functionality to continue to give users of both types of sites the best experience possible.

Do my subscribers have to create an account with me or with SmartPush to get the push notifications?

No they don’t have to do either. It’s a simple one-click subscription service for them and they’re done. They can also unsubscribe any time they want through their browser.

I am unable to locate my Site ID on, what should I do?

Your Site ID is displayed on the Install Code page. In the top menu of your dashboard look for the small icon next to the Send Notification button. This will take you to the Install Code page. From there, look for the WordPress option and click on it. You’ll then see your Site ID under this page and you can copy it straight from here.

Do I need to install it for all my websites separately?

Yes, the plugin needs to be installed separately on each of your websites. If you have more than one website you manage, you will want to Add a Site on your SmartPush account or sign up for a new account with a different username


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  • 1.0.0

    • Initial launch of plugin
  • 1.0.2

    • SmartPush rebranding applied to plugin