MarketKing — Ultimate Multivendor Marketplace for WooCommerce – Next-Gen Platform


MarketKing is the ultimate multi-vendor marketplace solution for WooCommerce, with everything you need to set up your dream marketplace. MarketKing is a next-gen multivendor solution, built with premium, modern design and cutting-edge features.

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MarketKing – #1 WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

Grow a thriving marketplace business, while earning commission and subscription fees. Whether you’re building a marketplace for fashion items, foods, arts, toys, jewelry, electronics or even digital software downloads, MarketKing can do it all!

There are 137+ features and modules, plus dozens of integrations: a powerful seller dashboard, branded vendor invoices, a complex commissions system, seller registration, single product multiple vendors, badges, seller staff, earnings reports, and so much more!

Features List (Free Version)

  • Stylish Full-Screen Modern Vendor Dashboard.
  • Backend Vendors Management, Store Pages, Store Profiles
  • Payouts Management
  • Built-in Basic Vendor Registration and Approval System
  • Vendor Product Management and Admin Approval
  • Backend Dashboard with Charts
  • Vendor Order Management
  • Works with majority of WooCommerce themes
  • Simple Products Only

MarketKing Full Premium Features – Lifetime License

  • Stripe Connect Split Payments Integration (New!)
  • Shipping Tracking – Vendors can enter package tracking details. Supports DHL, UPS, TNT, DPD, Fedex, USPS, Royal Mail, and more. (New!)
  • Variable Products, Grouped Products, External Products
  • Linked products, Upsells and Crosssells
  • Virtual and Downloadable Products
  • Registration options and fields control
  • Choose multiple categories in product edit
  • Vendor earnings reports/stats + Site Reports
  • 25+ Powerful Pro Modules
  • Premium Design Vendor Dashboard
  • Vendor Product Management – Native Woo Integration
  • Vendor Coupon Management
  • Vendor Order Management
  • Unique Vendor Store & Product Pages
  • Vendor Earnings, Charts & Reports
  • Store Reviews
  • Favorite (Follow) Stores
  • Refund Requests
  • Advanced Vendor Shipping
  • Color Scheme Customization
  • Complex Commissions System & Settings
  • Vendor Products Import & Export
  • Single Product Multiple Vendors
  • Product & Vendor Inquiries
  • Marketplace Reports & Statistics
  • Vendor Registration with Manual or Automatic Approval
  • Announcements System
  • Vendor Payouts
  • Vendor Vacations
  • Vendor Groups, Memberships & Group Transfer Rules
  • Seller Documentation & Knowledgebase
  • Vendor Document Verification
  • Store Notices
  • Messaging System
  • Store Support – 3 Support Methods
  • Vendor Teams & Staff – Permissions for each Staff Member
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Store SEO
  • Store Policies
  • Vendor Withdrawals
  • Abuse Reports for Products & Reviews
  • Wholesale & B2B – B2BKing Integration
  • Vendor Badges & Achievements
  • Vendor Membership Packages & Subscriptions
  • Many more features and integrations across features
  • New features constantly added. Get in touch with us for pre-sales questions.

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🎉 “The level of everything is awesome! I predict this will be the “go to” marketplace platform in the next 6+ months..!”

🎉 “Envato is asking me to select one reason before rating but actually this plugin is 5 stars in every criteria. Dozens of modules are available to customize or enhance the features of this multi vendor plugin, the UX/UI is amazing and it just works. The support is superior. The speed of development or bug fixing is super fast. Forget about the others like Dokan, WC Vendors and what else is existing. They lack in every criteria I described above since I used and tested each of them. This plugin is done thoroughly and with perfection in mind. I hope this plugin gets the attention and support it deserves.”

🎉 “Awesome plugins! The customer support team is very supportive. I have purchased both MarketKing and BuyerKing. I think this is the best deal to get an alternate of Dookan etc. All plugins are translatable and have a decent vendor dashboard. I will keep updating this review.”

🎉 “This is one of the best multi vendor plugin, if not the best. I was using WCFM Ultimate plugin on my site – it’s a great plugin but it is cluttered. It also needs a lot of plugins for it to be fully functional. Plus, you will pay an annual fee to keep it going. WCFM also has a MASSIVE DATABASE FOOTPRINT – Creates about 36 tables on the database. So I moved to MarketKing – So far I am ecstatic with the plugin features and support from the WebWizardsDev Team”

🎉 “I run a membership site that is complicated. I’ve been looking for a Multi Vendor plugin for almost 2 years and I had my eyes set on Dokan Pro (Business level). I’ve compared a lot of the available Multi Vendor Plugins and I must say you get A LOT for your money with this plugin. I was lucky enough to come across this when it was on sale, what a bargain! – Love it and would highly recommend it to everyone.

I was looking for similar features with Dokan Pro and if I were to buy a lifetime license for similar features I would have to pay around $2495 (or $ 1747 on sale). This is super easy to setup and I still haven’t run into any combability issues with my current setup (which is pretty complex already). If you’re looking for a great Multi Vendor plugin, go for this one. Save your money on expensive yearly subscriptions. You get everything you need within this plugin and even cool features that Dokan Pro doesn’t even provide.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Frontend Storefront Example
  • Vendor Dashboard Login Panel
  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Single Product Multiple Vendors (Other Offers)
  • Split Cart Functionality
  • Vendor Membership & Subscription Options
  • Vendor Earnings Panel
  • Vendor Order Management - Order Details Page


  1. Go to: Plugins > Add New > Upload > select the plugin zip and click “Install Now”
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to “MarketKing” in the left side menu
  4. Go to “Settings -> Main Settings” and configure the plugin


Is WooCommerce necessary for this plugin to work?

Yes. This plugin requires WooCommerce


Best plugin, best support 🙂
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