Knowband Mobile App Builder


Install the WooCommerce Mobile App Builder extension for preview of your eCommerce store on the mobile app.

  • Launch full-fledged shopping apps for your store.
  • Impressive user experience with designing control.
  • Better user connectivity with multi language & currency.
  • Switch your business to mobile with minimal efforts
  • Improve user engagement & boost sales with mobile channels.

Check out how this module works?

WooCommerce Mobile App Builder – Video Tutorial


  1. Install extension on your WooCommerce store & enable.
  2. Install demo apps on Android & iOS mobile devices.

–> Android Demo App
–> iOS Demo App

  1. Enter store URL ( in View Your Store.

Drop us an email at free of cost demo preview from our team. We will be more than happy to assist you.


The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder offers the easiest way to release shopping apps for your store:

1. Purchase PAID version of module:

–> WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

2. Fill our pre-requisite form and share required details.

3. Review final apps and confirm for publishing.

One time payment | No hidden charges/subscription | Lifetime validity

Note: Apps will be fully white label and only be published using your own developer accounts. There won’t be any sort of reference to our name in final apps.


  • Just one time payment.
  • No hidden cost or subscription.
  • 3 months free initial support (Can be extended further).
  • Includes publishing of apps (Via merchant developer account).
  • Complete support till app launch.
  • Open to all extra customization & integration.


The WooCommerce shopping apps with Mobile App Maker come up with numerous amazing features. A few prime ones are listed below:

  1. Coding Free Extension: Launch a pair of native WooCommerce Android & iOS apps without no coding or technical knowledge. Friendly admin panel offers complete control of application into hands of store admin. Entire app designing to working can be changed at run-time over a few mouse clicks.

  2. Flawless Native Applications: The WooCommerce Mobile App with this extension are 100% native & will be published on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Online shoppers get to install the apps on their mobile phones and shop on the go.

  3. Impeccable Home Screen: The mobile apps for WooCommerce come up with fully customizable home screen whose design & layout can be changed at runtime. Various attractive & intuitive layouts can be crafted & saved in the backend to be used while any festival, occasion, sale, etc.

  4. Real-time Synchronization: This extension keeps online store and mobile apps in perfect sync with each other. Any changes/updates in the website inventory/database get reflected automatically on the mobile apps.

  5. Multi-lingual & RTL Support: The apps with WooCommerce Mobile App Maker are multi language supported. Even RTL (right to left) writing style are perfect for the apps.

  6. Payment Method Support: All sorts of global payment methods are supported on the mobile apps. Active payment methods on website will be supported on the apps as well. Online shoppers gets complete secure and familiar purchase experience with app.

  7. Shipping Method Support: All actively working shipping methods of website works on the mobile apps as well. Customers can choose the desired option before payment.

  8. Unlimited Push Notifications: The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder extension allows admin to send personalized push notifications to the app users. This handy marketing tool can assist in gaining more conversions and leads if used wisely.

  9. Simple Login Options: The mobile apps for WooCommerce have various inbuilt one-tap login options:

  • Google Login
  • Facebook Login
  • Phone No (OTP) Login
  • Fingerprint Login
  1. Live Chat Support: With inbuilt Zopim(Zendesk) & WhatsApp chat support, the online shoppers can connect directly with store admin. This will help users to get their queries answered while using the app.

  2. Intuitive Colors & Fonts: The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator offers inbuilt color and font options to choose from. For instance, theme color, button color, background color etc.

  3. One-Page Checkout: The mobile apps for WooCommerce have inbuilt single screen checkout allowing users to submit order with ease.

  4. Coupon/Voucher Support: The apps with this extension supports all sorts of running website coupon/voucher codes.

  5. Order Status Track: The users can keep an eye on the previous order delivery status on the apps. The status is also in-sync with the store database & gets updated automatically.

  6. Social Sharing: The products can be shared on various social networks using the apps. It is a potent sale booster feature in the apps.

  7. Layered Navigation: The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder provides apps with filter & sort options along with clutter free navigation. The users can easily find the desired product & lead to successful order.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Category Screen
  • Product Screen
  • Quick Login Options
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout Screen
  • Order Details
  • Chat Support
  • Product Social Sharing
  • Home Page Layout Settings
  • Push Notifications Settings
  • General Settings
  • Information Pages Settings


Using Admin Details:

  • Go to WordPress Plugins >Add New>Install and Activate plugin
  • Configure Mobile App Builder in Admin menu.

Using FTP Method:

  • Download the zipped extension file.
  • Upload mobile_app_builder folder to /wp-content/plugins/directory
  • Menu>>Plugins>>Activate KnowBand Mobile App Builder
  • Configure Mobile App Builder in Admin menu.

You can get further details here –


What does it mean by free version

This module is only to check your store on demo app. In order to launch the apps, go for paid version of module.

Does this require recurring payments (monthly/annual)

The plugin only requires one time payment. No sort of hidden charges or subscriptions.


03.09.2020 1 reply
Used this plugin for checking my website on Woocommerce demo app and the result has been quite surprising. It allowed me to check my entire store working on app. I was able to list down all extra requirements for my app. Great work Knowband.
07.08.2020 1 reply
Great tool with all features. I had been searching for a complete mobile app package for my woocommerce website and found this. There were some minor bugs in beginning but developers helped with all. good work, team knowband!
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Minor Bug Fixes


WordPress Team Review Point Fixes


Added Add-to-cart button on category and home pages
Added Review and related products functionality.


Minor bug fixes.


Live preview of app home screen in admin panel.


Home Page customizable layout and other bug fixes.


Changes added to make module compatible with WooCommerce Version >= 3.6.x


  • Initial release.