Interactive Australia Map


Put an interactive high-quality HTML5 Map of Australia to your WordPress powered website!

This plugin allows you to embed the colorful interactive Australia map to your WordPress powered website. Interactive map is the best way to provide your website with geographically-related content or effective navigation system. Just add a special shortcode into any page or post and you will find our map in the website after the few seconds. Functional editor allows you to easily add popup balloons for additional information.


  • Interactive map of Australia
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Clickable states
  • Popup windows that show when the mouse cursor is over it
  • Customizable links
  • Builds into any WordPress page or post as a simple shortcode

For even more features, try the Premium Australia Map for WP

The plugin “Interactive Australia Map” is based on and uses CDN-hosted map libraries.
The free version of the map display the “Map by” link as required by the license agreement found here.
The Premium plugins are branding free and additionally include all required map libraries to put on your server.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Map preview with sidebar content to the right of the map
  • Basic map settings
  • Detailed settings for the state
  • Export and import via CSV
  • Export/import maps for transfer between sites and backup


  1. Use the Plugins -> Add new -> Upload menu and select plugin’s zip file to open.
  2. Wait for the upload to complete and activate the plugin.
  3. After that, insert the following shortcode into the text of a page or a post where you want the map to be: [freeaustraliahtml5map id="0"].

Alternatively, upload the folder of the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder then follow steps 2 and the rest as above.


How can I insert a map to a page?

Type [freeaustraliahtml5map id="0"] in the text of a page or a post.

Can I use two differently configured maps on the same blog?

Yes, you can create several maps with different settings.


Works great for our national non-profit association. Visitors can mouseover each state, see the name of the Federation which handles that state, and click to go to that Federation’s website. Thanks.
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მონაწილეები & დეველოპერები

“Interactive Australia Map” ღია პროგრამული უზრუნველყოფაა. შემდეგმა ადამიანებმა წვილი შეიტანეს მის განვითარებაში.


გადათარგმნეთ Interactive Australia Map თქვენს ენაზე.

დაინტერესებული ხართ დეველოპმენტით?

დაათვალიერეთ კოდი, შეამოწმეთ SVN რეპო, ან გამოიწერეთ შექმნის ჟურნალი : RSS.


  • Fixed map width issue with Avada theme


  • Compatibility with WordPress v5.6.


  • Major update. Completely updated plugin interface, responsive map based on SVG format, and many settings.


  • Minor changes.


  • Initial release.