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immonex Kickstart provides customizable components for integrating imported OpenImmo®-based property offers in real estate websites built upon multi-purpose themes in an easy and visually appealing way. Beyond that, it’s also a framework for add-ons, separate plugins that extend the functionality on the same foundation.

– See it in action at!
– Install the free Team add-on for extended real estate agency/agent data handling and property related contact forms.
– Download a compatible OpenImmo import plugin [2] and example data at (free of charge for testing/development).
– Read the docs for detailed usage/customization instructions.


immonex is an umbrella brand for various real estate related software solutions and services with a focus on german-speaking markets/users.


OpenImmo-XML is the de-facto standard for exchanging real estate data in the german-speaking countries. Here, it is supported by almost every common software solution and portal for real estate professionals (as import/export interfaces).

Plugins like immonex OpenImmo2WP [2] are used to import OpenImmo-XML data into the specific WordPress/theme/plugin data structures of the destination site.

Main Features

  • Custom post type for properties
  • Extendable custom taxonomies (property type, usage type, marketing type, project, location, features, labels)
  • Special status flags per real estate object (reference, available, sold…)
  • Flexible real estate search form
  • Area/Radius search (Photon or Google Maps autocomplete)
  • Property list and detail views
  • Animated photo slideshows and floor plan galleries
  • Integration of YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Embedding of 360° virtual tours from common providers
  • Extendable sort options
  • Shortcodes for embedding real estate components (suitable for use in page builder layout elements)
  • Simple but powerful templating system (“Skins”)
  • Clean and responsive default skin
  • Property grouping (project taxonomy)
  • Property location overview maps incl. clustered markers (OpenStreetMap/OpenTopoMap or Google Maps)
  • Property detail location maps (OpenStreetMap/OpenTopoMap or Google Maps)
  • Selectable map variants/views (road map, area map, topographic, satellite + streetmap layer)
  • Customizable map marker image (SVG)
  • Dynamic updates of property lists and location map views based on the current search parameters
  • Meta tags for social media sharing (Open Graph, X/Twitter)
  • Obtainment of user consent before loading external libraries (EU GDPR compliance)
  • Various filter and action hooks for special adaptions
  • Extension framework for separate add-on plugins
  • Translation via (GlotPress)
  • Current POT file and German translations included as PO/MO files additionally
  • Support for multilingual websites (Polylang or WPML)
  • Compatible with immonex OpenImmo2WP (OpenImmo importer) [2]
  • Compatible with immonex Energy Scale Pro (energy class visualization) [2]
  • Compatible with immonex Notify (real estate e-mail marketing/automation) [2]

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Default property archive page with all components
  • Default search form with visible extended section
  • Search form and list view on small displays
  • Property detail view: header and gallery slideshow
  • Property detail view: main description text
  • Property detail view: details tab
  • Property detail view: energy tab with Energy Scale Pro [2] based visualization
  • Property detail view: location tab with OpenStreetMap/OpenLayers map
  • WP backend: Central plugin/add-on options
  • WP backend: Property list


  1. WordPress backend: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin [1]
  2. Select the plugin ZIP file and click the install button.
  3. Activate the plugin after successful installation.
  4. Check/Modify the default plugin options under immonex > Settings.
  5. OPTIONAL: Install the Team add-on for extended agency/agent data handling and contact forms.
  6. Install immonex OpenImmo2WP or another compatible OpenImmo import plugin and perform a first import. [2]
  7. OPTIONAL: Create pages as templates for property lists and/or detail views including the following shortcodes.
  8. OPTIONAL: Add Kickstart shortcodes to arbitrary pages or page builder elements as needed, e.g. for embedding property search forms or teaser lists.

Kickstart Shortcodes

Search Form: [inx-search-form]
List View: [inx-property-list]
List Sort Selection: [inx-filters-sort]
List Pagination: [inx-pagination]
Property Location Overview Map: [inx-property-map]
Property Details View: [inx-property-details]

(See documentation mentioned below for attributes and further details.)

[1] Alternative: Unzip the plugin ZIP archive, copy it to the folder wp-content/plugins and activate the plugin in the WordPress backend under Plugins > Installed Plugins afterwards.

[2] Current and fully functional versions of premium immonex plugins as well as OpenImmo demo data are available free of charge at the immonex Developer Portal for testing/development and demonstration purposes.

Documentation & Development

A detailed plugin installation/integration documentation in German is available here:

immonex Kickstart is free software. Sources, development docs/support and issue tracking are available at GitHub:


17.01.2022 1 reply
Das Plugin eignet sich sehr gut, um vorhandene Immobilien auf seiner Wordpress-Seite darzustellen. Die Einstellmöglichkeiten sind manchmal nicht ganz so einfach, aber wenn man sich ein wenig damit beschäftigt, versteht man es. Hervorheben möchte ich auch den Support. Sehr schnelle Antworten und extrem hilfsbereit!
Das Plugin bietet alles was zu einer richtig guten Immobilien Website gehört. Dank einfacher Konfiguration, gut durchdachter Struktur und ausführlicher Dokumentation kommt man hier schnell zu ansprechenden Ergebnissen. Auch die Anpassungsmöglichkeiten lassen kaum Wünsche offen.
Das ist wirklich selten: Eine richtig gute, professionell entwickelte Software, eine umfangreiche, deutschsprachige Dokumentation und ein Support, der seinesgleichen sucht. Kompetent, reaktionsschnell und lösungsorientiert. Danke an Carsten Scheuer und das Immonex-Team für Software und Support.
Das Plugin ist perfekt um eine Immobilienwebsite aufzubauen. Es gibt eine sehr ausführliche Dokumentation und es wurde an alles gedacht. Sollte einmal etwas fehlen wird einem sofort vom Entwickler geholfen!
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  • Release date: 2024-06-12
  • Added Open Graph an X/Twitter Card meta tag support.
  • Added basic support for post passwords to the regular single property template.
  • Disabled a jerky gallery animation (single Ken Burns effect direction).
  • Fixed two map template issues.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue in Windows-based hosting environments.
  • Updated dependencies.


  • Release date: 2024-05-17
  • Added new map types/variations (overview and detail page maps).
  • Added search element (inx-)title-desc for querying regular property title and description fields (special cases).
  • Added ability to exclude properties from lists based on taxonomy terms.
  • Added support for PDF files in floor plan and energy pass galleries.
  • Added a default value to a callback method for the the_title filter to prevent issues regarding incorrect calls by other plugins.
  • Extended fulltext search possibilities.
  • Improved gallery navigation arrow display (especially on small screens and touch devices).
  • Improved search form range slider value display.
  • Reworked application of inx_search_form_primary_price_min_max_values filters.
  • Fixed a warning related to manually entered test data.
  • Fixed several minor gallery display issues.
  • Fixed a minor search form reset bug.
  • Updated dependencies.


  • Release date: 2024-01-22
  • Added user consent options for embedded video and virtual tour players.
  • Added 3 user consent content related filter hooks.
  • Reworked plugin options structure.
  • Added option for enabling/disabling gallery image links (full size/lightbox).
  • Reworked retrieving of special variable/flag values.
  • Fixed translation file selection (beta versions only).
  • Updated dependencies.

See changelog.txt for the complete version history.