<i> Toolbar


  • Bootstrap Icons (1400+ icons)
  • Add pixel perfect web font icons
  • Easy and simple integration
  • Autofilter
  • Can be used with any WordPress theme
  • Privacy by Design: No CDN hosted files

The Bootstrap Icons library (MIT License) is brought to you by the Bootstrap team https://github.com/twbs/icons. We are not affiliated with Bootstrap.


If you like this plugin and regularly use Emojis in your posts you may find our 😀 Emoji Toolbar plugin useful.


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ეკრანული სურათები

  • <i> Toolbar
  • Autofilter


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Open a page or post using the block editor, add a paragraph or heading block and select the “Bootstrap Icon” menu item from the toolbar.
  4. Choose an Icon and it will appear in the content area. Simple and fast!


Why is this plugin named <i> Toolbar?

  • Web font icons are usually added with the <i> HTML tag like <i class="icon-arrow-up"></i> and in the end we came up with <i> Toolbar

Is Bootstrap required to use the icons on my website?

  • No, this plugin has no dependencies and works with any modern theme.

Is this plugin compatible with Multisite?

  • Yes, you can network-activate this plugin and the feature will be enabled on all sites.


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გადათარგმნეთ <i> Toolbar თქვენს ენაზე.

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  • Updated Bootstrap Icons to v1.6


  • Initial release