GravityWP – Merge Tags


This Gravity Forms plugin adds an admin page to your WordPress back-end with a list of all the merge tags in your form.

Besides that it gives you information (in different tabs) about field types (for example text, radio, hidden, select, email, checkbox, etc), Standard Gravity Forms Merge Tags (and for GravityView and Gravity Flow), a replacement for the all_fields Merge Tag (with or without fileuploads) and Gravity Flow Step information.

So… no more clicking on a dropdown to select the merge tag you need, but just copy and paste it from the list. And have a quick overview of all relevant information available for every specific Gravity Form on your site, copy it to Excel and use it in a way that suits your needs.

The plugin adds a link in the toolbar above the Gravity Form you’re working on and a menu link in de Forms submenu.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • List of Merge Tags from your Form
  • Advanced Merge Tags (label, merge tag, short merge tag, field type(like text, radio, hidden, checkbox, select, etc))
  • List of Standard Merge Tags (Gravity Forms, GravityView, Gravity Flow)
  • All Fields Tab. You can replace the all_fields merge tag with this and have full control what is shown.
  • The menu link that gets added in the Gravity Form toolbar
  • The menu link under Forms (admin menu)
  • Gravity Flow Step information for the current form (Step name, id, type)


Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/gravitywp-merge-tags directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.


Where can I find the Merge Tags list

You can click on ‘Merge Tags’ in the Toolbar above the Gravity Form you’re working on. Or you can click on ‘Merge Tags’ in the Forms submenu.

What Gravity Form information is available?

The plugin provides you with several tabs with information about a specific Gravity Form.

  • Merge Tags: A simple list of Merge Tags available in the Gravity Form.
  • Merge Tags Advanced: Field Label, Merge Tag, Short Merge Tag, Field Type.
  • Standard Merge Tags: Available Standard Merge Tags for Gravity Forms, GravityView and Gravity Flow.
  • All Fields: An alternative for the all_fields Merge Tag, which you can modify and customize. Option to select a table with or without fileuploads.
  • Gravity Flow: If you’re using Gravity Flow, you’ll have an extra tab with information about the Gravity Flow Steps that are available within your Gravity Form. It provides information about the Step Name, the id, the type, if the step is active or not and an automatically generated GravityWP – Count Shortcode to use as a counter for Gravity Flow steps.


I have a form with over 300 fields. This plugin is simply amazing!!!! Great work and thank you!
Just what I needed! All the merge tags info on one page - the more I worked with it the more I loved it! Even has an extra tab with meta merge tags. Had a project building custom PDF documents with GF data and this plugin is super handy to have. Thank you!
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  • Added default Gravity Forms editor menu
  • Fix HTML error on first page
  • Added column for Gravity Flow Step conditions
  • Added dynamic population query urls templates


  • Improved table layout (to wp-list-table widefat striped)
  • Rearrange tabs (information about forms merge tags first, than standard merge tags)
  • Renamed tabs (shorter descriptions, more focussed)


  • Updated capabilities to give everyone with ‘gravityforms_edit_forms’ capability the possibility to see the Merge Tag page (thank you @siwax)


  • Solved the link from the form menu to the Merge Tag page giving errors
  • Tested the plugin with many testers. Ready for version 1.0


  • Added the ‘Admin’ tab, with an overview of Admin Labels, Dynamic Population, CSS and Field Type in one overview. Ideal if you want to quickly see what CSS is used per field or what text you should use when generating an url with arguments (populate)
  • Made the code more readable, added comments


  • Removed code that added specific extra merge tags because of problems after updating to GF version 2.3


  • Added a tab for Gravity Flow (when active) to show a table with Gravity Flow Step, Step ID, Step Type, Step Active and GravityWP – Count shortcode in combination with Gravity Flow


  • Changed tabs layout to make it more convenient to copy and paste to Excel
  • First tab with only Merge Tags from the current form
  • Second tab (advanced) with more detailed information about the field: Label, Merge Tag, Short Merge Tag, Field Input Type
  • Third tab with Standard Gravity Forms Merge Tags
  • New tab (All Fields) to replace the allfields Merge Tag from Gravity Forms. It generates a table you can copy and paste and a table without fileuploads (in case you don’t want to communicate links to files)


  • Added Tabs
  • Styled the lists
  • Added overview of Field Labels
  • Added overview of Field Types
  • Removed the shortcode for generating the Merge Tags list
  • Added text-domain for translations


  • Added Gravity Forms standard Merge Tags
  • Added GravityView specific Merge Tags
  • Added Gravity Flow specific Merge Tags


  • Added admin page with all the merge tags of a specific form
  • Added menu links in the sidebar and in the Gravity Forms toolbar


  • Added check if Gravity Forms is installed
  • Return instead of echo, so the list will be placed in the right place on the page


  • First launch of the shortcode to show all merge tags