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Extension for WordPress to manage Related Posts. Functionality to set layout ( list view or grid view ) of related posts listing for separate post types. Support custom post types and also custom taxonomies. Set the order of posts and other conditions according to taxonomies for particular post type. Choose which fiels you want to show for related post items and also choose the thumbnail according to size which you want to show for related post items.


Support custom post types and custom taxonomy: You can set related posts for all type of post types with also custom taxonomy support.

Overwritable template Functionality to overwrite existing template by pasting the templates in active theme.

Set layout: You can set the layout ( list view or grid view ) for all post types separately. You can set the maximum numbers of related post and set per items in a row.

Query conditions: You can set the posts order, and other conditions, and choose which fields you want to show on listings like title, categories, thumbnails, excerpt, author, date etc.

Exclude posts: Functionality to exclude particular taxonomy’s posts from related posts.

Show thumbnails: Functionality to set which size of thumbnail you want to show within related post items.

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  • Global Settings
  • Configuration Settings (Active/Inactive related posts)
  • Set Queries
  • Grid View
  • Grid View with 4 columns
  • Grid View with 2 columns
  • List View


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