Easy MLS Listings Import


Easy MLS Listings Import by Home ASAP lets you easily display a real estate agent’s MLS listings and/or their office listings on any WordPress site. Even better, listing information updates automatically to save you work with updating, removing, and adding new listings. That way you can set it and forget it.


Setup takes only minutes. Just create a free Real Estate Agent Directory account, connect your agent’s listings, and place a shortcode where you want the listings to appear. We take care of the heavy lifting of connecting to IDX feeds for you.


Our system automatically updates MLS listing information every 5 minutes, so visitors always get the most up to date information. That means you no longer have to add, remove, or update listings yourself when listings go on or off the market.


Listings are presented in an attractive grid layout that adjusts to the visitor’s screen size. Background colors and dimensions can be customized to fit your design.


When users click on a listing, a new tab will open containing the property description, amenities, photos, maps, and more. Plus, we include the details homebuyers demand such as nearby schools, neighborhood demographics, weather, and nearby attractions.

Built-In Lead Capture

Of course, most agents want one thing from a website, and that’s leads. That is why we include built-in lead capture forms that allow visitors to easily connect to new buyers.


Oh…and did we mention you get all this for free? Plus, agents get access to lots of other great tools for marketing on Facebook with their free Real Estate Agent Directory membership.

Setup Requirements

Real Estate Agent Directory account (Free) – Easy MLS Listings Import works by integrating with the Real Estate Agent Directory. This free service can be set up by an agent or their developer in only a few minutes. Plus, agents get access to a ton of free benefits from the largest directory of its kind on Facebook at over 600,000 members and growing.

Click here to learn more.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • Listings will appear in a responsive grid which updated automatically based on the information in the agent’s MLS.
  • More information on each listing opens in new tab with lead capture tools built in.
  • Simply search for the agent, click their name, and a shortcode is generated to pull in the agents listings.
  • Copy and paste the auto-generated shortcode and place into any page where you want listings to appear.
  • Settings page.


After installing and activating Easy MLS Listings Import, visit the plugins settings page in your WordPress dashboard to complete set-up. Here’s an overview of set-up, so you know what to expect.

Step 1 – Create a Real Estate Agent Directory Account for the Agent.

Click here to create a READ Account

Step 2 – Connect to the Agent’s MLS Listings

Search for the agent’s name or e-mail from the agent search located in the Easy MLS Listings Import settings page. When you click their name, the plugin will generate a shortcode containing the information you’ll need.

Step 3 – Place Your Shortcode on the Page

Place the shortcode on any page you want to display an agent’s current MLS listings. The agent’s listings will be automatically imported from their MLS’s IDX feed. Any time the agent adds, removes, or changes an MLS listing, it will update automatically with no extra work on your end!

For information on advanced display options, visit our Help Center.

Having trouble?

Visit our troubleshooting guide at helpcenter.homeasap.com/easy-mls-listings-import.


What happens if an agent does not have listings?

If an agent does not have any listings, then a message will appear that indicates they have no current listings.

You also have the option to include other listings from their office if desired. This option is controlled through the profile settings in the Real Estate Agent Directory. Simply add the agent’s MLS Office ID under “MLS & Brokerage Info.” Agents should be able to get this information from their broker.

How will agent’s receive leads from listings?

Lead capture forms are built directly into the listing information pages. When a visitor completes a form to schedule a showing or ask a question, an e-mail is sent to the e-mail used to set up the agent’s Real Estate Agent Directory (READ) profile.

Leads are also stored on a leads tracker available in their READ dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed at https://dashboard.homeasap.com/Directory/Leads.

How do I change the appearance of listings?

We designed the listings results with simplicity in mind. That’s why we built in some styles including the responsive grid layout and font settings.

The following attributes can be changed by adding parameters to the end of auto-generated shortcode.

  • Background Color – Add the bgcolor parameter plus the hexcode for your desired color without a pound sign. Example: bgcolor="F1F1F1"

  • Height – Add the height parameter plus a number and unit (no spaces). This sets the initial height of the container that holds the featured listings. Acceptable units include px, %, vh, and em. If the height of the listings exceeds the height of the container a scrollbar will appear. Example: height="80%"

  • CSS – Add the css parameter plus any valid CSS property and value. These declarations will be applied to the element that contains the listings and not the listings themselves. This is useful for setting the container’s width, margin, borders, box-shadow, and so on. Multiple declarations can be made as long as they are separated by semicolons. Example: css="width: 100%; max-width: 800px; margin: auto;"

Can I add multiple agents listings to the same site?

Yes. You can include all of the listings for an office in one grid. This option is controlled through the profile settings in the Real Estate Agent Directory. Simply add the agent’s MLS Office ID under “MLS & Brokerage Info.” Agents should be able to get this information from their broker.

You can also add multiple agents’ listings in separate grids by generating a separate shortcode for each agent you wish to include. Simply, go to the Easy MLS Imports settings page in your WordPress dashboard, and search for each agent using the agent search tool.

Why does the agent need a Real Estate Agent Directory account?

Easy MLS Listings Import connects with the Real Estate Agent Directory (READ) to pull the information needed to keep listing information up to date.

What is the Real Estate Agent Directory?

The Real Estate Agent Directory (READ) is the largest directory of its kind on Facebook. Over 600,000 real estate agents have already taken advantage of free benefits like:

  • Agent Profile – Make your agent profile searchable to homebuyers and sellers on the largest social network.

  • Featured Listings – Expand the reach of listings by linking them to your READ profile.

  • Referral Matching – Easily find referral partners that match the location, expertise, and credential criteria you specify.

  • Exclusive Facebook Groups – Collaborate with agents from around the country to ask questions, share insights, and more.

  • Page Poster – Easily post engaging, relevant content to a Facebook page with just a click

READ membership is completely free for agents and can be set up third-parties like developers and marketing teams.

Can a third-party such as a developer create a Real Estate Agent Directory account for the agent?

Yes, you can make an account for someone else using their e-mail address. DO NOT use the “Sign Up with Facebook” option if signing up for someone else.

To connect to listings, you will also need the name of the agent’s MLS and their MLS Agent ID number. If you would like to display other listings from their office, you will also need their MLS Office ID.


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