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DarkLooks is an excellent plugin that will allow you to enable dark mode in WordPress sites. Let’s give your eyes a treat by using DarkLooks’ dark mode on WordPress site for having a long time eye soothing WordPress using/viewing experience.

Your website can be instantly transformed into a dark version using the DarkLooks plugin. The plugin’s Dark Mode will work automatically without requiring any additional settings. Your website will appear in a dark mode in accordance with the preferences of your users’ operating systems as soon as the plugin is activated.

The WordPress plugin is compatible with all operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Mac. It requires no tricky additional configuration, you can get all settings done without any hassle. With the plugin, readers can experience a dynamic, handcrafted dark mode experience, automatically detected by the plugin. To experience the magically transformed dark mode of your website, simply enable dark mode on your phone or tablet.

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Astounding Features of DarkLooks:

Plenty of features available in this dark mode plugin for WordPress, DarkLooks. These amazing features certainly will make your WordPress site more user-friendly than ever. Install and enable DarkLooks’ dark mode on your website, and give your eyes a break from extra lighting. Let’s have a short read-

  • Floating Switch Button A dark mode floating switch button can be displayed on your website. You just need to turn ON/OFF to switch between light and dark mode.
  • Floating Switch Position Change Option You can change your dark mode floating switch position as you want. Top, Bottom, Left, Right; wherever you prefer on your website.
  • 5 switch styles There are 5 switch styles available for you in the plugin. Just take a tour of all of these and get fixed with the one you like most.
  • All kinds of OS supported Including iOS, Android, and macOS, Windows; DarkLooks’ Dark Mode is compatible with all major operating systems.
  • 2 Types Dark Mode Method 2 types of dark mode methods are available, get your user experience going with any one of them.
  • 9 Preset Color 9 exclusive color presets are available to quickly change the dark mode color. You’ll definitely love those colors
  • Custom Set Color Option Not satisfied with preset color? No worries, you can choose/pick and set your own color as a customizable color setting option is also available.
  • Dark Mode Logo Set Option You can also upload your website’s logo in accordance with the dark mode. Your uploaded logo will match with the dark mode automatically.
  • Dark Mode Image Set Option If you prefer to use dark mode instead of light mode, you can replace the light mode images with those you want in your dark mode.
  • Dark Mode Image Brightness Set Option Image opacity set option is being added by which you can easily adjust your image’s opaqueness.
  • Dark Mode Body Font Size Set Option When you’re in dark mode on your website, you can set the font size of the body as you would like to have through the font size (body) set option.
  • Dark Mode Time schedule set option A scheduled time has already been set up for enabling the dark mode, it enables by default. Additionally, you can also customize the time frame as well.
  • Exclude Elements Selectors in CSS allow you to exclude certain elements from being affected by dark mode.
  • Include Elements The dark mode is only applied to the elements within the selectors.
  • Remember Last Time Mode If you enable dark mode once then it’ll not turn into the light mode, no matter how much you refresh the page, enter/close into your browser continually.
  • Compatibility of Themes No issues were encountered using the plugin on most themes.
  • Easily Customize Switch Text The text of the switch can be changed to light or dark pretty easily.
  • Dark mode Switch Added in Menu Any menu item on your website can include the dark mode switch.
  • Custom CSS Add Option If you ever face any issues with anything in the dark mode then you can easily sort that out with the help of the custom CSS add option.
  • Easy Settings Options To make your customization as easy as pie, the easy settings option will also be available in this dark mode WordPress plugin.
  • Compatibility With WooCommerce The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce, make your WooCommerce using experience a bit different by installing this dark mode plugin.
  • Compatibility With WordPress 5.8+ DarkLooks is compatible with WordPress 5.8+; so you don’t need to be worried about compatibility with WordPress’ updated version.
  • Translation Ready The plugin is ready for translation (.pot files included)
  • Free Updates You’ll get free updates on DarkLooks dark mode plugin for your WordPress website. So, keep your website updated without any cost.
  • Error Free Code The codes in the plugin are 100% error-free. You won’t get any bugs in the code as it’s created by our professional plugin coders.
  • Well Documented Lastly, you’ll get a well-sorted document explained for this dark mode plugin from the scratch. And you’ll be able to get all things done by following the documents.

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The easy way.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “Darklooks”. Click on Install and then Activate the Plugin.

That’s it, Darklooks Plugin is now activated on your site!

The hard way..

Download “Darklooks WordPress Plugin” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Is this plugin compatable on latest WordPress ?


Is this plugin compatible with Gutenberg?


Is it compatible with Elementor?


Would it be possible to use the dark mode switch anywhere on a page?


Does dark mode appear on any post or page?


Will this plugin work with all modern browsers?


Does this plugin require any coding knowledge?



Greeting from Ukraine ! Great plugin! My experience in editing websites is no more than a month and it was much easier for me to figure it out with this plugin than with other plugins! Thank you for your work and free provision of premium features. I wish you good luck in the implementation of your global plans. You have given a great example to others of what generosity is.
I installed the plugin today, and it seems to work just fine with multiple options. I wish the developers keep working on it to add more functions, fix some bugs and make it more lightweight.
A configurable, well presented and very usable plugin. Would prefer to see the settings page in the settings menu but then I'm just an old person who gets annoyed when people turn up the thermostat.
I have tested many of this type of plugin, none of them were satisfactory, until I tested this. It's almost perfect. Now the little issue that I have: Most probably when I click on the button to view the site in Dark Mode or not is stored in a cookie. And when I come back to the site, my last button selection always shows up, regardless of the tie scheduling that is available to configure in the backsite. Shouldn't be the other way around, where the scheduled times should trump over the "cookie" value. If this is the case, then the only other explanation that I have is that the Scheduled times are executed according to UTC and not by the time zone setting set at the General Settings page. A clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for this plugin, it's excellent. Nick.
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This is initial Release for Darklooks


Fixed some css Issue


Fixed Mozilla Firefox Invert Dark Mode CSS Conflict Issue