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Accept credit card payments in your store with Stripe for WooCommerce.

The smoother the checkout process, the higher the chance of a sale, and offering multiple payment options is a proven way to boost sales. This is where Stripe for WooCommerce comes in.

Stripe for WooCommerce is a payment plugin that delivers a simple, secure way to accept credit card payments using the Stripe service.

With Stripe you can accept payments from several card brands, from large global networks like Visa and Mastercard to local networks like Cartes Bancaires in France or Interac in Canada. Stripe also supports American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and UnionPay.


The future of ecommerce checkout is express pay options that make it fast to place orders because your buyers don’t need to fill out the checkout form. All your buyers have to do is click one button and their order is complete.

Stripe For WooCommerce makes it easy to start offering express payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay and fully customize the style, design, and location of these express pay buttons.

You will be able to visually style the express pay buttons to match your brand. Next you can choose where you want to show the express pay buttons, on the product page, on the cart page, and on the checkout page.

Stripe for WooCommerce offers complete flexibility without needing to understand a single line of code.



Checkout Plugins is an official Stripe partner!

We also make some of the most popular and loved WordPress & WooCommerce products.


Checkout Plugins is part of the Brainstorm Force family of products which are used on millions of websites.

Here are some of our products:

  • Astra Theme
    Currently used by nearly 2 million websites, Astra Theme is the most popular WordPress theme and is also the most popular WooCommerce theme. Stripe for WooCommerce was made to work perfectly with Astra Theme. Visit Astra Theme

  • CartFlows
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  • Cart Abandonment Recovery
    Currently used by nearly 400,000 store owners to capture lost revenue caused by buyers that don’t complete their checkout. Cart Abandonment Recovery captures these lost orders and automatically contacts the lost buyers to get them to complete their order. Visit Cart Abandonment Recovery

  • Starter Templates
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As you can see, we know WooCommerce inside and out and help thousands of store owners build highly profitable stores everyday.

Stripe for WooCommerce will also bring support for Apple pay, Google pay, ACH and iDeal in upcoming updates.

Stripe for WooCommerce supports WooCommerce Subscriptions where users can make recurring payments for products and services. It’s the only payment plugin you need for your store!

ეკრანული სურათები

  • API Settings
  • Card Payments Settings
  • Express Checkout - Admin Settings
  • Express Checkout Button on Checkout Page


  1. Install the Checkout Plugins - Stripe for WooCommerce either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Make sure to disable caching on your checkout and thank you steps


Does this plugin work with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Yes, the plugin supports all the functionality of WooCommerce Subscriptions.

I have an existing subscription with another Stripe Payment Gateway plugin. How can I switch to your plugin without losing my existing subscriptions?

You can easily switch to Stripe for WooCommerce from your existing plugin without losing your subscription.

Here are easy steps
1. Install our plugin like any other WordPress plugin
2. Follow the documentation here to setup the stripe account keys
3. Enable Stripe payment method from our plugin. This allows all your future transactions to be processed through the new Stripe gateway you set with our plugin.
4. Disable the existing Stripe method from WooCommerce payment settings.
NOTE: NOT to deactivate your old payment gateway plugin. Your old subscription’s renewal will be processed through the old plugin automatically.

Does this plugin work with my theme?

Yes, Stripe for WooCommerce will work with all themes. If you run into any trouble, please let us know and we will be happy to resolve any issues.

Do you offer support for this plugin?

Yes, this plugin is fully supported. You can open a request here on the plugin page or visit our website to fill out our support request form.


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1.2.1 – THURSDAY, 20TH JANUARY 2022

  • Fix: Add payment method was not working.

1.2.0 – TUESDAY, 4TH JANUARY 2022

  • New: Supports Alipay payment method.
  • New: Supports iDEAL payment method.
  • Improvement: More customization options for Express Checkout.
  • Improvement: Webhook integration for multiple events – charge.refunded, charge.dispute.created, charge.dispute.closed, payment_intent.succeeded, payment_intent.amount_capturable_updated, payment_intent.payment_failed, review.opened, review.closed.


  • Fix: Express Checkout buttons were not appearing in live mode.

1.1.0 – TUESDAY, 21ST DECEMBER 2021

  • New: Express Checkout.

1.0.0 – TUESDAY, 23RD NOVEMBER 2021

  • Initial release.