AutoChat is a chat support system that automates communication between businesses/website owners and their visitors/customers. It offers advanced features for quick responses to common inquiries, saving time and resources for all involved.
By utilizing automation, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and achieve growth.

What solutions AutoChat provide:

👉 Instant Support: Visitors receive immediate answers to their queries, eliminating wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.
👉 Enhanced User Experience: Visitors appreciate the quick and accurate responses, leading to higher engagement and increased loyalty.
👉 Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Free your support team from answering repetitive questions. AutoChat handles basic inquiries, allowing your team to focus on complex issues and provide personalized support.
👉 Time and Cost Savings: AutoChat helps businesses save on time and labor costs associated with customer service operations.
👉 24/7 Availability: AutoChat allows businesses to be available 24/7, providing assistance to customers regardless of business hours or time zones.
👉 Brand Consistency: The ability to personalize the chatbox with brand elements ensures consistency across all customer touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity.

Features Available (MVP):

👉 Automated Responses: AutoChat provides immediate answers to questions by visitors or customers. Through pre-set responses with relevant keywords, users can ensure that inquiries are addressed accurately.
👉 Instant Queries: Streamline interactions and enhance the user experience by customizing instant queries to provoke visitors for quick messages or actions.
👉 Keyword-Based Responses: AutoChat uses sophisticated keyword recognition technology to provide instant, accurate, and relevant responses to user inquiries.
👉 Personalized Chatbox: AutoChat offers customization options for the frontend chatbox, allowing users to tailor its appearance to match their company’s branding. Users can create a seamless and personalized user experience, that complements the website’s design.

ეკრანული სურათები

  • This is frontent view 2.This is backend page
  • This is settings page backend


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  • Initial release at: 29/05/2024