Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica


Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica is a plugin integrated in the WooCommerce module of Aruba’s e-invoicing service, that allows you to manage orders and invoices automatically from your online shop.

The plugin can only be used with the Aruba Electronic Invoicing service accompanied by the additional documents and WooCommerce modules.

With the plugin enabled, every order received on WooCommerce will be automatically imported into the documents module and a sales order generated. You then have the choice of creating and sending the invoice automatically as soon as the order has been completed, or to do so manually.

Both sales orders and customer invoices will then be automatically completed with the details from your online shop, reducing the risk of errors and allowing you to ensure that your invoices are always compliant.

Your customers will receive a fully legible, courtesy copy of the invoices, directly from your web address, personalized with your logo and your company details.

The Aruba service also lets you automatically save your e-bills, without you having to do anything else.

For more information on the Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica service, the WooCommerce module and all the additional services available, we recommend visiting our website.

Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica is integrated with the Aruba’s e-invoicing service “Fatturazione Elettronica”, the software which allows to create, send, receive and store electronic invoices in accordance with Italian tax legislation.

Aruba operates on the Italian market of e-invoicing softwares since January 2019, with the introduction of the electronic invoicing obligation, and nowadays is the first provider in Italy in terms of number of customers.

At this link you can find the contractual conditions of Aruba’s e-invoicing service:

ეკრანული სურათები

  • General Settings
  • Payments Settings
  • VAT Settings
  • Orders Table
  • E-invoices Table
  • E-invoice Detail


ეს პლაგინი უზრუნველყოფს 2 ბლოკს.

  • Aruba Elettronic Invoicing custom checkout blocks
  • Aruba Elettronic Invoicing custom checkout blocks



  1. Go to ‘Plugin -> Add new’
  2. Search ‘Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica’
  3. Enable Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica from your plugin page.
  4. Click on ‘Settings ->Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica’.


  1. Download Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica.
  2. Create an ‘aruba-fatturazione-elettronica’ directory in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using the method you prefer (ftp, sftp, scp, etc.).
  3. Enable Aruba Fatturazione Elettronica from your plugin page.
  4. Click on options from your plugin page.


Is the plugin free?

Yes, the plugin is completely free but only works in conjunction with Aruba Electronic Invoicing service, with the WooCommerce and Documents modules selected.

How can I generate an invoice directly from an order on my e-commerce?

When you set up the plugin, you can choose whether you want to create invoices automatically from the details provided during purchase, or to create them manually.

If you choose to create them automatically, all the customer and product details entered in the cart will be transferred to the Aruba Electronic Invoicing service linked to the plugin.

This will automatically generate a sales order which, when it reaches a specified status of your choice (e.g. when the status is “completed”) will generate an e-bill importing all the details from the sales order.

How are e-bills sent?

Just like for creating invoices, when setting up the plugin you can choose whether to automatically create and send an e-bill.

Simply tick the option to send automatically, choosing the status of the order for which you want the invoice sent.

How are invoices managed for customers with a tax code only?

The Aruba Electronic Invoicing plugin lets you set up how to handle purchases made by private individuals.

You can choose always to create an invoice or to let the customer decide if they want one.

If you choose to send a copy of the invoice, the system will automatically prompt for the tax code to be provided as a required field at checkout.

How does billing work for foreign customers?

There is a dedicated option for setting VAT rates in the plugin setup phase.

These can be established for EU countries and for non-EU countries or alternatively, you can even set the rate for each country you receive purchases from.

VAT rates will be automatically applied to products/services based on the nationality of the customer placing the order.


29.03.2024 1 reply
Questo è il miglior plugin per la fatturazione elettronica presente su Wordpress. Si allaccia al servizio di fatturazione elettronica di Aruba e ti permette di configurare in maniera facilissima le impostazioni obbligatorie per legge adattandole alle tue esigenze di business.
19.03.2024 1 reply
Questo plugin si integra perfettamente con woocommerce e permette di automatizzare la creazione e l’invio di fatture elettroniche.
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