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@Support, There is no plugin that allow 'WordPress users' to set up there own alert/reminder by date/time from front end(via shortcode) and per content type. For eg user can set reminder to read a post with hyperlink to post within alert. Your plugin came close, but is missing this feature think of the potential for this per site it will increase user-ship /retention rates, If only someone would create it. Thanks
Discovered the plugins routines were using an older version of MYSQL, notified the developer and the developer updated within a day.
I was using a notication bar plugin on my website before, but this alert boxes look much cooler than it. Current plugin setting are quite sufficient, but new ones can be added.
Nice plugin and no other solution is near to this for front-end notification purpose(which doesn't need a visitor's permission to show), "on cancel" and "limitations" functionality is really great. In future updates, I want functionality like "don't show a notification if the user has clicked it once" and animation or something(not just in start or end but always) to catch eyes.
Impressive amount of customization. It would be awesome if you could set publish and take-down dates to automate the notifications. Great job over all!
The plug-in is relatively simple in real terms but does the job well with a good level of customisation visually and in the backend configuration. I would also like to mention their support is great. I had a query and Yehi responded quickly and helpfully.
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