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By connecting your Airtable database platform to your WordPress website, this plugin helps you manage your content better. Identify the Airtable fields you wish to link to WordPress and choose the format for your imported contents: articles, pages, products, etc. Simply define your ideal update frequency. Your plugin will automatically sync everything swiftly!
The Pro Version will soon be available (be informed here) to unleash advanced features.


Create connections to your Airtable tables

  • Set up as many connections as you want
  • Publish an unlimited number of connections (Pro version)

Choose the content format you want to import

  • Import your contents in your preferred format: articles, pages, etc.
  • Link Airtable columns to WordPress fields

Sync your personalized data

  • Create new custom fields (Pro version)
  • Use specific content formats “Custom Post Types” (Pro version)

Define synchronization setups

  • Sync your data manually or automatically
  • Select update frequency (Pro version)
  • Set up synchronization method (add, update, delete)

How to unleash your plugin’s full potential?

  1. Go to the Air WP Sync plugin page, click on “Add New” next to “Connections”.

  2. Enter a name for your new connection.

  3. Fill in the Airtable Settings (Airtable API key available here).

  4. Select the form in which you want to import your content from your table (article, page, etc.) and set up the additional settings.

  5. Link your table fields with WordPress fields. Be careful to respect the exact name of the Airtable columns (names are case sensitive).

  6. Choose the Sync Settings (Strategy and Trigger).

  7. Publish the connection, and you’re done!

  8. Tip: By pressing the “Sync Now” button, you can synchronize your contents for the first time (even if you didn’t choose “Manual only” trigger).


If you need some assistance, open a ticket on our Support center at


Make sure you have created your databases and Airtable columns names before adding a new connection. If you don’t see it, wait 1 minute. For performance reasons, your Airtable elements are cached for one minute.
If you don’t see your Airtable data, make sure your column names are perfectly identical between WordPress and Airtable (names are case sensitive).
If needed, you can access to logs from a FTP server in this folder: /wp-content/uploads/airwpsync-logs

ეკრანული სურათები

  • All Connections
  • Airtable and Import Settings
  • Field Mapping
  • Sync Settings


  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to “Plugins > Add New”.

  2. Look for our plugin into the search bar: Air WP Sync.

  3. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button of the plugin, and wait a few seconds.

  4. Click on the “Activate” button (also available in “Plugins > Installed Plugins”).

  5. That’s it, Air WP Sync is ready to use, find it in the sidebar!


What is Airtable?

Offered in SaaS mode, Airtable is a database tool designed to create a simple online form and a project management environment or even a custom CRM. Equipped with an automatic translation function, Airtable manages multiple views: maps, calendars, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, etc.

Why do I need an Airtable account?

Air WP Sync plugin uses the Airtable API to link columns with fields and send data. Creating an account on Airtable is free. Once connected, you can get the API key on this page.

Do I have to pay to use the plugin and Airtable?

For the time being, the only version of the plugin available is free. Our Pro Version will soon be available (be informed here) to unleash advanced features.
Airtable offers a free plan for an unlimited number of databases and small teams of up to 5 people. You can add up to 1,200 entries in each database and 2GB of attachments.
Depending on your needs, several paid subscriptions allow you to unlock these limitations while accessing more advanced features (see prices).

How are my databases synchronized?

Once you have defined the synchronization frequency and published your connection, relax: everything is automatic. It is also possible to manually synchronize the connection – whenever you want – using the ‘Sync Now’ button.

Why don’t I get the Airtable column names in a drop-down list?

You must enter the names of your columns rather than choosing them from a list because once your fields are linked, if you want to modify, add or delete links, Airtable has a somewhat restrictive handling. We preferred to offer you this solution, more simple, more direct, more scalable and more malleable!

How can I get support?

If you need some assistance, open a ticket on our Support center at


Air WP Sync is a great plugin, easy to use without bloated features or complexed User Interface. Congrats!
This plugin is just excellent, I love it. It simply turns Airtable into a powerful CMS and it's super easy to set up! Thanks a lot for sharing, keep up the great work.
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