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WooCommerce Advanced Pricing – Discount – Quantity Swatches

WooCommerce Advanced Pricing – Discount – Quantity Swatches


Apply advanced and complex pricing easily for WooCommerce Products. implement all-inclusive units, tiered, and name-your-price pricing models to cater to diverse customer preferences and optimize sales.


  • All-Units pricing model.
  • Tiered Pricing model.
  • Name your pricing model.
  • Quantity Swatches

For more features and more control

👉 Premium | Demo 👈

  • Package pricing model.
  • Quantity Breaks pricing model.
  • All Pricing models for Variations.
  • Dynamic pricing table.
  • Pricing model schedule.
  • Applyingg pricing model to specific customers.
  • Dynamic price.
  • Mutliple quantity swatches templates.
  • Customizable quantity swatches styles.

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ეკრანული სურათები

  • name your price product in single page.
  • name your price product in shop page.
  • tiered pricing model product in single page.
  • All-unit pricing model product in single page.


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