ეს პლაგინი დახურულია, დახურვის თარიღი: 06.12.2021. ჩამოტვირთვა მიუწვდომელია. ეს დახურვა დროებითია, პლაგინი მიმოხილვის მოლოდინშია.


This plugin says its free to use but when we try to backup it shows this... "Please make payment before the restore can complete This small fee helps us with our hosting and development costs. Once paid you will have 7 days of unlimited migrations when using the same restore URL and email address."
This is about as easy as you can get to move a website to a new host without having to deal with ftp, cPanel, file manager etc. Just make sure you follow their directions: deactivate plugins first and it should all work great. If not, they offer support to help you.
I used to spend hours to migrate my site to a new host. Paying $4 to get it done in minutes was a really nice deal. Migration was very smooth. You do have to make sure you clean up the junk before you migrate and disable all other plugins.
1. this plugin is not really "free" because any restore you try, you will be stopped at the last step and forced to pay 3.99$. Where is this forced payment announced ? 2. After 1 hour fighting against it, I discovered that you can't use this plugin on a temporary url, when your domain is yet not resolving. So finally to see that the plugin works and restore my backuped domain I had to create a wordpress test under a subdomain of another site and then install this plugin and finally when all at last seems restoring I was stopped by the forced "donation" of 3.99$ It is not about the money, guys but you can't put a plugin and force a payment to get the results of your plugin. It is not fair !
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